Rooted in the Reality of Having Enough

Creative Commons License photo credit: alicepopkorn

When we are firmly rooted in reality, we do not see problems, but opportunities everywhere. We register abundance wherever we look … Right now, I see an abundance of green grass, trees, water, light, furnishings, food, sky, air … the list goes on and on …

It is only when our minds run away with us into future angst, asking “what if” questions, that we suffer.

“What if I don't have enough?”

“What if I lose everything?”

“What if I get sick?”

On & on the mind runs, robbing us of the support that is visibly available for us right NOW.

Reality is that which is happening right NOW and it is always sufficient to the day!

To tap into that sufficiency we must focus our thoughts on the “enoughness” of this moment … by questioning any thought that takes us away, into the non-existent future. (Remember, future and past ONLY exists in the mind … they are not REAL places!)

Focus on having enough, use life challenges as opportunities to cultivate gratitude, and the path of sufficiency will align you with the road to abundance.

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