Appreciating the Hard Times

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My daughter once said, “Mom, I don't mind the hard times. Times when I struggle, not knowing from where the money will come are special, maybe even sacred, times.” She continued, “I've noticed that its during such times that I see miracles most clearly! I get to experience those “just-what-I-need-at-the-moment” sort of miracles. They stand out, those miracles, becoming so visible, so evident during hard times, and they strengthen my faith in Source.”

What beautiful words. Such a way of seeing can only come from an underlying belief in a Universe that is supportive. Difficult times hold the possibility of a breath-taking encounter (sometimes through heartbreak) with a Universe that is ultimately kind. Challenging times provide a stark contrast; the darkness created by our own fears makes the constant, shining light of Source dramatically apparent.

The contrast allows us to experience powerful moments of connection with the One Reality. Difficulty in life offers us opportunities to encounter Source on a level that makes our relationship with Source more real. We have a “personal relationship” with Source through such “hard times,” and we discover we are constantly being supported, right now and always!

When we have nowhere else to turn, we finally look to Truth where a connection with Source makes all things possible. Truth is the Reality of the concrete, ever present Support, available to us just the other side of the wall we've created in our mind with our unhappy stories about life. If we see a dark, scary world, then we must search our minds for the dark belief(s) that distort our vision.

Reality is not against us, it is FOR us. Once we become anchored in that knowing we begin to see the true reality of a world that is our unfailing mirror. The outside world simply reflects.

Our task then, is to clear the mind of its unhappy stories, so we can see the beauty of a reality that is ever serving us. When we see the world as our ally, rather than the enemy, we see the world in a way that's exemplified by my daughter's trusting words at the beginning of this post. We see a world we trust, a world where life challenges are opportunities to align with reality. We see a place where miracles are everyday occurrences.

I invite you to let go of any thought that reinforces an image of yourself as being a “victim of hard times.” We are not victims unless we choose to believe it. What we are, whether we believe it or not, are beloved children of the One Source from which everything comes.

Look for evidence of THAT. Make befriending reality  your sacred vow!

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  1. Hi Jason, Glad you found my blog! Thanks for your feedback.
    We all have a part of us that focuses on the negative and generates resistance to life in the form of negativity. I call that part of us, the “victim ego.”
    When we automatically believe everything the victim ego says, we are miserable ALL the time! Meanwhile, the victim ego is quite happy with our negative state of mind because its main course of nourishment is resistance in the form of unhappy feelings! The victim ego is strengthened by negativity.

    A universal truth that applies to situations of disharmony between ourselves & those we care about, says, “We judge and resist the very things in others that we have condemned and denied in ourselves.”

    I am blogging on this topic too … since it is one that so many can relate to. Read the post entitled “Resistance: Food for the Victim Ego.”
    Hope this is helpful,
    Blessings, Lynne

  2. Hey. I really like your blog. It makes me think about all kinds of things. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this post. For a while now I’ve been going through some really rough times. A lot of times I make things worse than they really are. I add to the problems and darken the situations. I’m aware that this is my own fault, and that I have no one to blame but myself. It’s just so hard at times to let go of negative thoughts and clear your mind of everything that is unhappy. I don’t think anyone can permanently remove every single bad thought out of their head. They can temporarily forget about certain things but those unhealthy thoughts are bound to return. I know there’s a lot of beauty around me as well as in my life but that doesn’t cover up the fact that there’s also a lot of ugliness. People affect me whether I want them to or not – some positively, some negatively – and I have an effect on them too. For instance.. my Love and I have been fighting constantly for months. We’ve been hurting each other (both intentionally and unintentionally) and starting fights over ridiculously small things. During those times we both get extremely defensive and struggle/fail to stop and think about the situation clearly and constructively. We always do that afterward but end up doing the same damn shit the next day anyway. It’s all messed up, and I don’t think it’s 100% my fault. What to do?

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