Gratitude Greases The Wheels Of Life ……

Attribution-NoDerivs License by me and the sysop

My daughter lay in a hospital bed very sick with infection and fever. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she whispered words of gratitude. “I am so glad to be alive,” she would say or, “I am so grateful for my wonderful family.” And then she would sink back into her drug induced sleep leaving us all eager to do whatever we could to hasten her recovery.

Instead of complaining about feeling bad or railing against her circumstances she expressed true thankfulness no matter how she felt or what unpleasant treatment she might have to undergo. No wonder we, her family and friends, and even the hospital nurses were so willing and eager to do what ever we could to help!

My precious daughter's ability to focus on blessings rather than her ill fortune was a wonderful reminder to us all of how gratitude works to smooth out the wrinkles of life making it easier for us to accept life on its own terms.

Being thankful is a worthy practice not only when times are good but especially during those moments of crisis and challenge. It is during such troubling times that gratitude serves us and those around us most of all.

May you find reason for thanksgiving wherever you look – even in those situations which upon first glance appear to have nothing in them to celebrate. May you meet your life circumstances with a grateful heart and eyes open for the hidden gift or lessons inherent in every life event. This attitude of acceptance and praise is perhaps one of the greatest secrets on the path to true inner contentment.

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