What Does Having A Daily Practice Do For Us?

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Through a daily practice of some sort we openly commit to life, health and our own inner peace. Cultivating a centering practice (of centering prayer, zen meditation, inspirational reading, sacred dance, yoga, qigong or any number of other practices) allows us to trust that there is a purpose in life events, no matter how difficult a situation may seem. Daily centering empowers us to know that, even when times are rough, balance will eventually, inevitably be restored.

A daily practice allows us to feel grounded and allows us to see life as it really is without needing it to be different. When we operate from center, we are in touch with Reality, and that enables us to be clear about what is our responsibility and what is not in any given situation; it allows us to offer support when it's appropriate and to stay out of rushing in to fix things when it's not appropriate.

Through day to day connection with a Source Greater than ourselves, we are more likely to look for the growth opportunities that our life challenges bring, instead of bemoaning our fate. We tend to count our blessings rather than whine and complain about how unfair life is. We experience greater peace.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude through daily prayerful focus keeps us in touch with the Universe as a benevolent and loving place – especially during moments of personal, family, or world trials and tribulation. Gratitude is largely cultivated through daily remembrance of a Universal Source.

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Having a daily practice is the best insurance possible against the ravages of past injustices and future angst. It helps to provide a sense of certainty and trust in a world that appears to foster uncertainty, and it bolsters our ability to respond effectively to whatever we find ourselves facing in life.

There is NO good reason not to have a daily practice and lots of essential reasons FOR having one. I hope you have discovered the truth in these words through your own daily experience, if not yet – SOON!



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