Keys to Freedom … Freely Shared

I share with you the keys to freedom I have been given because they are not mine to keep.

What you do with the gleanings you may find here in my posts, and elsewhere, is not my business … that would be between you & Source. It is up to you to decide whether what you read here is true.

Only bear in mind that what we choose to believe will determine the quality of life we experience.

For the Reality Formula teaches us that when we believe what we think we automatically feel and act as if it's true – and when we react from believing what we think is true, we will act in ways that invite others to respond to us in ways that prove us right (about what we believe.)

As we learn to challenge our assumptions and life-long beliefs, we may begin to question (I did anyway!) the whole nature of Truth. And with the support of a Living Intelligence, we may come to the peace-giving realization (at least I did) that EVERYTHING is a story, made true by our own belief in it (regardless of whether it's a positive or negative story that we're believing …).

Knowing this gives us the ability to become “conscious collaborators” with Source in co-creating our own (hopefully much happier) Reality.
We do so by choosing carefully where to invest our belief because we understand that the beliefs we choose to empower will make ALL the difference in how and what we experience in the world.

For me, I am a mouthpiece, no more, no less, for the Universal Intelligence that is equally available to us all – in the same way your own ability to serve as a conduit is possible, the privilege has been granted for me, through the process I share with you daily, to clear the mental obstructions & come into a deeper surrender for the Life Flow of Source to move this vehicle called “my self” in ways that serve It. I am blessed.

Let this then be your daily aspiration – to become a lightly balanced & tenaciously committed surfer on the waves of the Creative Flow of Source.

Attend to the resistances that keep you from gliding effortlessly through the Universal Waves & remember that the Waters upon which you surf all come from the mighty Sea of Love. 

May it be so.



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