To align with the purposes of Source, or not …

Morning Prayer
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There were a few things more I heard from my inner voice on that beautiful evening in my garden.

I believe that messages from Source are often sent and as we fine-tune our observer consciousness, that part of us that receives the influx of Source Energy and transcribes it for our understanding, we become more receptive to these ‘downloads of revelation.'

I've included here some of the seed thoughts I received on that evening of transformation as they relate to my need to make my clunky squareness into something round and spiritually delectable:

I present below these ‘downloads of revelation' as if Source were speaking them directly to me in words; here is what I heard:

“I am the One who made you square, I am the One who designed you to have angularity and sharp corners. I made you exactly the way I wanted you to be for purposes of my own, and I may, or may not share those purposes with you as I deem wise – I share on a need-to-know basis.

You don't have a choice about who you are. You are what I designed you to be. Yes, you do have free will, but not when it comes to deciding who you will be. Your choice, and you are free to choose it or not, is to either align with who I've designed you to be, and accept yourself as that, or to resist that design, tooth and nail, every step of the way. That’s it! That’s your only choice, but that choice will determine the quality of your whole life.”

If you should choose to accept who I've made you to be then you can collaborate with me in using your uniqueness for my purposes.  If you resist accepting my design for you then you will live a life of resistance and suffering, never content with who you are.

Either way, I will use you for my purposes. Even if you resist my design for you and become someone hopelessly addicted to misery, I will still use you for my purposes. If you surrender to my design for your life and align with it, yours can be a life of gratitude and bounty. It's your choice – will you choose peace and surrender  in aligning with my plan for your life? Or will you choose a life of resistance and misery, bemoaning who you are,? Either way, I will use you as a way-shower for others.

For you should know that you are as valuable to me as a model of contrast (as someone who resists life, and experiences all the unhappiness, lack, and misery that goes with that choice) as you are should you choose to line up with my purposes for you; aligned you become a model of inspiration, illustrating what it's like to live a life of peace and abundance.

Both a life of acceptance and/or a life filled with resistance are valid teaching tools, or models, for my purposes. Your life will not, cannot, be wasted. You are mine and I will use you for my highest and best purposes regardless of whether you choose to align with me or not.

So you cannot make the wrong choice – your choice determines simply whether you will live with more, or less, personal suffering.

These are the messages I received. Radical thoughts? Perhaps. Nonetheless, these messages are what I have decided to align with.

Since that evening in the garden I have experienced a deeper sense of surrender and a richer sense of peace.

Now it's your turn. What will you decide

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Kate, I too find relief in the idea that I am not responsible for figuring out how it is I am to be serve the universe. I like the feeling of being able to relax into the big, capable hands of the One who created me & directs me for my own good and His great purposes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Kate.

  2. Seems we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform and the Spirit (Source) voices the aspect of being able to used for His purposes no matter what we choose. Something in that really gives me a boost of acceptance – for myself and others in no matter what situation or place of “stuckness” we may find ourselves in. The words to me speak of the Unconditional Love that teaches us through our resistance/ the sufferings moving us into the inspiring . It is humbling to see how from start to finish as we grow deeper in various aspects that it is all done by agreeing and aligning with the gift of process handed us by the Potter. The lesson of receiving is such a big one for me and this post really fires up my personal desire to allow and take in what the Spirit is wanting to teach me instead of trying to control it away from me. Thanks again so much for all your sharing.

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