Remembering My Victim Past

Recently Daniel was reminiscing out loud about how I was back in my “victim days.” He talked about how I used to seem ever vigilant, always on the lookout for what was NOT going according to my plan of how things should be and how miserable I made myself (and everyone around me, too) when things were not proceeding according to “Lynne's dictates.” (I like to tease him by saying, “after all it IS all about me, you know!”)

Daniel continued, “You are different now. Now I notice how much more relaxed you are no matter what's going on. Your way of seeing things is so much more positive. You are much easier for me to live with now – I actually even enjoy your company!”

We laughed together at that last comment and then I said,

“You know what's the best part of it all?”

“What?” he asked.

“That I'm not faking it. I really am enjoying you AND my whole life more. I never really knew it was possible to live such an enjoyable life!”

I glanced over at Daniel. He was beaming, brimming over with joy. I so love this work.

May you find similar success through these tools. May you always insist on inner peace!

Blessings, Lynne

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