The Spiritual Journey: In Search of the Holy Grail

Knight of the Holy Grail
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

The fully armored knight on his faithful steed presented itself to my mind this morning as a perfect metaphor for us as spiritual travelers on the path.

The knight's horse represents our physical body that literally carries us to the destination of our own directing. It's tenacity and loyalty is unfaltering in its service to us. This horse, our body, is sure-footed, it does not need our prompting about where to place its next step, and the better we care for it, the better it serves us and the more assured we are of reaching our destination.

The armor represents the defenses of the mind-made self; it is the ego, armored and stiff. Though it protects us from harm, it is clumsy and heavy, and it impedes our being able to move freely. Nonetheless it is part of the necessary equipment without which we could not be knights at all.

The Self inside the armor represents our authentic being. It is that which dons the armor and guides and directs us: this higher self determines the goal of our pilgrimage for it is a faithful servant to a greater cause; that of finding the holy grail.

This holy grail that our knight/Self roams the earth in search of is the recognition and remembrance of our own divinity: it comes to us through the inner divine feminine – represented by the cup of our longing which seeks only to be filled by the flowing grace of the One True Source.

The knight's journey is our journey – it is the journey to wholeness, peace and the reality of who we essentially are.

Blessings on your way to finding its grace,


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  1. “The armor represents the defenses of the mind-made self; it is the ego, armored and stiff.”

    As I read these words, I came even more aware of how when we live unconsciously, we look to our armor and believe it is who we really are. The mental and emotional patterns we have constructed (that create our stories/family roles) are the blinders to us seeing and knowing our authentic selves.

    Who wouldn’t be suicidal or at least living with depression within the background of their soul when they are believing their armor is who they are!

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