Reality Movement & Alignment Technique™RMAT 1, 2, 3: Releasing Painful Patterns in the Body

Are you ready to free your body AND your mind?  Come join my son, Andrew and me at DuBose (in Monteagle, Tennessee) for an unforgettable weekend of transformation! We eagerly await your arrival for this upcoming, life-changing venue that will take you places in your own psyche and body you never dreamed possible! If you are serious about life change, this work is for YOU!

We all carry limiting beliefs in the body. The Reality Formula™ says that when we believe our painful thoughts, we feel and act them into Reality. The body is the primary transmitter for communicating our painful core beliefs to others. Through our posture and habitual physical patterns, we communicate the limiting energy from core beliefs that not only cuts off our life flow, leaving us feeling powerless and weak, but also transmits that negative energy to the world around us, attracting to us the people and life situations that will reinforce and prove our beliefs to be true!

My son, Andrew Guilfoil is a licensed massage therapist, dancer, and Master Teacher of Ballet who is well trained in massage, anatomy, skin care, and aesthetics, as well as having worked with me doing energy and emotional healing and core belief body work for decades. Over the years, Andrew and I have  developed our own original Reality Movement & Alignment Technique™ (RMAT), that has helped hundreds of people find new patterns of alignment that transforms the mind and the body.

RMAT is founded on the Guiding Principles of The Body, and consists of simple exercises and movement for healing and alignment that participants learn to do on their own and with others. This series of three RMAT Training seminars are designed to free us physically from the stories we believe and realign u, correcting our poor postural habits and painful ways of moving that has kept us held in restricted movement that often causes chronic muscle and joint pain.

In our work together, Andrew and I create a team approach with students and participants that helps those working to release negative belief patterns that are held in the body so they can stop sending  negative messages to the world. RMAT teaches an intuitive understanding of the mind/body connection that allows us to see clearly how our bodies reflect the negative core beliefs we hold.

The Reality Formula™ shares the RMAT model in a variety of formats, and we require this training as part of the Reality Formula Level Three Practitioner Certification Process we offer.  Level Three Reality Formula Training is specifically related to clearing the physical body.

Many jump in at this level of the work, a certain order of attending RMAT intensives is not required. It is ok to start your Reality Formula Journey with RMAT training  … we trust your process, and believe that wherever you jump into the work is right for you … The question is, “Are you ready to jump in?” 🙂

If so, trust your instinct and come experience this physical application of The Reality Formula in your own body!

By helping participants recognize their own painful postural patterns, and find ways to physically transform them, our team approach encourages participants to let go of their patterns and access the power of Source energy that accumulates in the solar plexus, the very core of our being. Through intention, participants learn how to project their intention for creating the reality they desire through a more conscious relationship with their body. The results offer, not only increased physical health, but a clarity of mind that allows us to discern and refuse to empower the beliefs we previously felt at  the mercy of that once created so much stress and doubt for us. We are left with a greater sense of inner space, of freedom and of peace, as a result.

So come free-up your BODY and your MIND in the same weekend!

Among the sights and melodic sounds of Nature, a tranquility is achieved that deepens our ability to relax and to release the old physical patterns that inhibit free movement and creative mental expression. We will guide you through this amazing body/mind process that will most likely serve you well from now forward on your life journey. Come witness and experience our mother/son team tap into the Universal Energy  that makes healing and wholeness possible.

If you have been wanting to develop a deeper relationship with your body and learn more about cultivating a daily practice as an active approach to releasing old story, then this weekend is for YOU! Expect to gain a greater understanding of your own powerful mind/body connection, and to learn techniques that will serve you well as essential tools for developing your own daily practice, as written about in my book, “Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness.”

Join Andrew and myself for this powerful weekend retreat, and learn how to live your life beyond the tethers of victim consciousness through a connection to Source that promises a keener awareness of your Essential Self.

Call us today at 423-698-0814 for more information or to register for this powerhouse of a workshop. Get more details here.

Blessings, Lynne


*Lynne and Andrew do offer CMT and Body workshops and retreats in other settings. If you would like to bring us and The Reality Formula© in The Body to your area, contact us at 423-698-0814!


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