Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

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In a state of morning surrender I abide, for long seconds at a time, in The Vibrating Silence. Being in that Presence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no separation. No thought, not even the awareness of a self, is possible here.

Then, suddenly the Observer Within notices the experience – it stands back to see that state of Beingness … The state of Beingness is gone.

And immediately the Interpreter takes over. (This is all happening in the mind, of course.)

The Interpreter is the one who describes and explains the experience of Being-ness. It works for the Story Mind, who, in most humans, took the mind over long ago.

The Story Mind is that part of us that defines us by our degree of other-defined, self-perceived woundedness. It is that in us who determines what the experience of Being-ness means about us, that is, if it allows us to experience it at all. It labels the Beingness experience good or bad, valid or invalid, illusion or fact, based on its previous, most often distorted, versions of handed-down beliefs about life.

And what it decides is how we will live and what we will prove as true. It becomes our personal reality.

But never mind, don't let that keep you from going back, again and again, to that inner place of Being; be saturated by and merged with the Presence. Let it cleanse the Story Mind, and it will, … slowly over time. And a beautiful dialog will appear in its (the story mind's) place and a most intimate conversation begins to happen between you and that Living Intelligence, Reality.

May it be so.



(received this morning in my morning practice)

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