Hand in Hand With Source

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During my daily practice recently I was, as I often am, visited by fears of unkind possibilities and ominous things to come. I felt the panic that comes with thinking thoughts like, “bad times are coming and I don’t think I can deal with them.”

Recognizing that I was getting caught up in the fear swirl generated by such thoughts, I turned inward to Source instead. I made the choice to go there for the guidance and strength to get through … and when I did an image came immediately to mind.

It was the image of a father and child walking hand in hand along a treacherous path. The child’s left hand (left is the receptive, receiving hand) was held gently in the father’s right hand (the right is the side of giving and reaching out), and I could see a light beam coming from the father's hand radiating power and strength into the child, and in the image I could also see that same beam of light radiating out from the child's outstretched hand to the world.

It came to me that the image was a perfect illustration of what being in right relationship with our Creator Source looks like.

Kind words of comfort came to me from within as I reflected on the relevance of this image to my own situation; I paraphrase that thought exchange here:

Creator Source asked, “May I walk beside you and hold your hand?”

“Oh yes, please, my Creator – I beg of you! Come walk beside me and tell me what to do.”

Creator Source replied, “Come, follow me. I will show you your choices so you can decide, whether to walk the way of self-made woe, or to stay by my side.”

“It’s up to you, but if you wish, I will show you the sacred space inside, where I Am, have, and always, reside.”

“Yes,” said I, “take me to where you are close so that in times when I waver, I can see your beloved face, which above all else, I most savor.”

“Affirm it my child, and it is done! Simply know that I walk beside you wherever you go, and with no further ado, it will simply be so”

Having spoken thusly, my fears, they all fled, and I rejoice in the joy of being forever loved and led.


May you find your own sacred space; may its inner peace fill your heart.



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