How Do We Get Out Of The Victim Loop?

Recently a subscriber asked this question: “How I can be an observer of my being in observer consciousness? How can I pull back from my own observations of the manifestations of my own thought processes in order to see clearly where I am going wrong and where I can alter course to go right??

All I can see is the fog of my own thoughts (results of my thought processes/beliefs (of which probably is the very fog I am describing here), and the daily result of my very thought processes/beliefs.)Following your regimen, I am poor because I believe I am poor, so I see that I am poor because I believe I am poor. I observe that I am poor because I believe I am poor.

But I remain poor because I believe I am poor. I am poor because that is Reality for me. But is being poor my actual Reality so I should just accept being poor as my lot in life (like being nailed to a cross). Or can my reality be changed say, into my becoming rich instead?? Is there any actual, fixed, inescapable ultimate Reality, or is Reality merely a product of set beliefs (whatever they happen to be??) that can flow and change with every flow and change of thought and belief…To put it another way, I can understand your words, I can see your point, but I cannot see what you mean in relation to my own life and my own path through it.

Her question is one that is relevant for many of us who get stuck internally ‘looping around the victim track', like a dog chasing its tail, in an effort to escape from our mental stuckness.  If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps my response to this young woman will help you break free next time you find yourself there!

Dear Student of Consciousness,

There is a part missing in the sharing of your process as described above. The part missing is the part about what you do once you've uncovered a troubling belief, that is the process of questioning the painfully life-limiting beliefs you've discovered!

Yes, you are observing your beliefs  – that is the first step – NOW, your job is to take these uncovered beliefs, such as “I am poor,” through the process of observer consciousness which is to align with REALITY (as opposed to your STORY ABOUT Reality – two very distinct worlds) by questioning these beliefs.

Reality is constructed of always present, everlasting, basic laws, which have been observed and described all the way back to the beginning by the ancients. The world and Reality are governed by very specific guiding principles.

These principles are the constructs of Reality and when we line up with them, we are aligned the Reality that is Home for us. Reality brings us to our center, it is where peace abides, Christians refer to it as the “Kingdom of Heaven,' and it is possible for us right now through a process of questioning our beliefs.

One of the guiding principles of Reality (I describe fourteen original guiding principles in my book (since condensed into a more concise list of 10 Guiding Principles) that defines Reality and God as Love as being one and the same. It further denotes the existence of an Energetic Life Source (beyond our ken to know or even imagine) from which ALL things come, that is ever present, and benevolent; a Living Intelligence indeed that abides closer to us than our very skin who desires to have a personal relationship with us. As a matter of fact, according to the principles, we are emanations of That Life Source (“The Father and I are One”).

The Ancients believed that all 400 billion galaxies are happening  in the Mind of Creator. We are all THOUGHT become being … “the word made flesh.”

Another ancient principle states that all mankind has free will. This means we get to choose what we think and believe. This is the free choice we have; we have the right to believe whatever thoughts we choose! Most of us believe that because we think it, it must be true. But the principle about free will teaches us otherwise. We get to choose what to believe. And what we choose to believe affects the way we feel, the way we act, and therefore determines our response to life, and life's response back to us.

In other words, what we believe frames the way we see the world. The beliefs we take on form a belief system that becomes our personal story, the story of a limited self, and creates immense suffering in its wake, simply because we believe these unhappy stories are reality. And they are! These limiting, often self-destructive beliefs become our personal reality, and unless we question those beliefs, we will never escape that limited world.


You have uncovered one of your painfully limiting beliefs. GOOD! Now, take that belief through Byron Katie's Four Questions and Turn Arounds (www.thework.com) – Question that belief, not to get rid of it (altho it may eventually go on its own) but to step back from it, so that you don't have to feel as it it's true, and act it out in a way that proves it to you as reality. Change your reality by questioning your story about reality.

THAT'S your task.



B.T.W., this process AND the guiding principles th at construct Reality are all in my book, entitled Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness; purchase it here: http://amzn.to/beyondvictim

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