Striving for, or Surrendering to, Source?

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I've found life flows smoothly when I keep my focus on Source (rather than on doing what I think Source wants me to do for Him). Source simply wants ME, all of me, lock, stock & barrel, as His own.

To give ourselves fully to that Life Force, whatever one may choose to call It, is the highest goal. (I prefer the Hebrew idea that Source is beyond NAME – because to name something limits by definition that which it names. Source is limitless, indefinable, and unknowable, and therefore is beyond all names!)

But we cannot give ourselves to Source as long as we have our own agenda about what that means. Most of us tend to think that it is up to us to come up with a BIG plan designed to establish us as favored children of Source. We get busy looking for and trying to find the service that matches what we think His Will for us should be, rather than allowing ourselves to open to the internal plan that wants to unfold within us.

“See what I DO for Source, for Love, for God,” we think, and we are proud of our “service to Source” (which is more likely, service to self) as we get caught up in making plans and trying to manipulate our settings and circumstances to “turn our lives into service for Him.” We cannot be open to Universal prompting when we are so distracted in trying to execute our own plan.

I've discovered, through years of trying it the other way, that it is not up to me to decide what Source wants of me!

I've decided that our job, as followers of Reality, is to do what we are asked to do, nothing more or less. And what we are being asked to do is the thing we are doing NOW, in this moment. Reality becomes the prompting guide for our life path.

Rather than to fight against reality, we learn instead to focus on tuning in to Source; we learn to listen to Source. And then we simply do what is put before us to do in a state of witnessing the effortless way Source moves through us when we are receptive.

Because we have come to know that our life walk provides us the chance to be in constant and direct dialog with the one true Life Source, we are eager to cooperate. We long to collaborate with Its purposes for our life, and less preoccupied with figuring out what those purposes are, or need to be.

And in that way, there is no striving necessary – only surrender to the Will that Guides us.

Blessings as you travel the path to union with Source.


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  1. Give us this day our daily bread…we ask for it and then as we open our eyes to meet the day and experience the first emotional feelings in our present awareness (our daily bread) to accept, eat and digest, we push the bread away saying, “not good enough, I don’t want that.” I think for me when I began to realize He is right there serving me what I need because it is good for me, I became His willing and true child…my faith exploding to invite whatever is necessary to be set on my breakfast plate.

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