Loving Ourselves is Source Loving Us

Passion, Lust and Tenderness
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Perhaps you've struggled with it too – that pervasive sort of guilt and apprehension anytime you find yourself admiring your own beauty. Maybe you even stopped seeing your beauty long ago, and have instead resented and secretly envied others who seem able to see and appreciate their own beauty.

Here's a secret: we have to believe in our beauty before we can see it and we have to see our beauty before others can see it.

But how can we see our glowing essence, our beauty, inside or out, as long as we believe that it's selfish, narcissistic, self-absorbed and just plain bad to recognize and revel in our beauty?

Here's the truth: It is not admiring and reveling in our shininess or our beauty, but forgetting where it comes from, that creates trouble for us.

Our task is to realize our beauty and to love ourselves unabashedly, open-heartedly, and in reverence and awe, while all the time seeking to remain grounded in the realization that we are animated by and an extension of Source Energy. (This is different than saying, “I am God.” We are certainly NOT God, only a tiny sprig of his energetic expression!)

That realization greatly enhances our ability to feel love, towards Source first, then towards ourselves as the reality of our rare beauty dawns and we come to see that we are the only one of our kind and a totally unique expression of Source Energy. We bdgin to notice the beauty of Source Energy in those around us as well, and to appreciate each individual as a totally distinct and yes, beautiful, emanation of that Energy – when they believe it. Anytime we discount our true Source of origin, we  separate ourselves from that  connection and we lose sight of our beauty. When we lose sight of our beauty, it is because we have forgotten what we are.

But when we remember who we are and where we come from, we come to see that reveling in our own beauty (as well as in the beauty of others) is really Source adoring and reveling in us.

Remember daily your connection to the animating Life Force/Source and before long you may find that you are left with no choice except to love yourself wholly and in complete abandon to Source.

May it be so.



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