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My goal with this blog has always been to provide essential keys needed for gaining freedom from the State of Victimhood to anyone who can read – free of charge! The basic spiritual truths I write about here have saved my health and freed my mind and I love sharing them freely with you.

Many of you have asked for more. You have asked me to share with you a process for getting out of Victim Consciousness. In response, my team and I have created a set of guided meditations (2) designed to support the shift in perception necessary to get us off of the Victim Triangle and out of the State of Victimhood.

As part of the offer, I've written an article (available free by clicking below) that describes Victim Consciousness and its opposite, Observer Consciousness, and illustrates the importance of accessing the Observer Consciousness as the higher state of consciousness available to us all – that  article is part of understanding how to get the most out of the audio. This shift in consciousness, from Victim to Observer, is the necessary requirement for freedom from the State of Victimhood and these meditations are created to help you access that Observer State of Consciousness.

I offer this set of guided meditations, “Journey Home” as a way to experience the practical application of these teachings. Each of these meditative experiences take you on a unique journey, and both are designed to move you (in very different ways) towards greater self-understanding, peace and acceptance.

You can access that free article about the two states of consciousness (Victim/Observer) and learn more about purchasing “Journey Home” guided meditations below.

Free Yourself from Victimhood with Guided Meditation

Although I’ve offered this kind of guided meditation for years to clients who see me in person, it’s always been “live” and never recorded – until now.

These two guided meditations are ones I use frequently with my clients, that have been combined with some absolutely wonderful and original music by Paul Avgerinos to create an audio program that is actually better than the guided meditations I’m able to do in my office!

I am sure you will find them to be as useful and peace-inducing for you as my private clients have reported them to be for themselves.

My desire is to continue to offer support in the form of various consciousness-expanding products for those who want still more. For those of you who have the resources and want to take advantage of these extra offerings, please know that through their purchase, you not only provide tremendous support for yourself, but you also are helping me continue to develop this site to achieve its purpose, i.e. to make available to anyone with access to the web the tools they need to heal their own consciousness! So thank-you!

I hope you feel inspired to purchase my FIRST product offering designed especially for you – and please do let me know what you think of it too! I am eager to hear about your experience with it.

You remain my devoted internet students and friends!

Blessings, Lynne

Free Yourself from Victimhood with Guided Meditation

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  1. thank you Lynne… I am in a place in my life journey where I have been asking just that same question of “How do I replace my victim thoughts with another way”… which lends me to understand why your center is called “Another Way”… thanks for your blog… it is one of the many blessings brought to me as I travel my path…

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