Which do you choose – Source or Separation?

Creative Commons License photo credit: alicepopkorn

Source, in its infinite wisdom and compassion for us, stands back, allowing us the freedom to believe whatever limiting thoughts we choose (and the suffering that goes with it). Source does not intervene or attempt to rescue us from our painful thinking. It just goes on ceaselessly radiating its Light and Kindness – leaving us free to choose: Do we choose to remember our divine heritage, that which breathes us, that is always with us, closer than our very skin? Or do we go on empowering a painful story about a limited self that suffers? We are free to decide.

Meanwhile, the Universe draws to us the people and situations that accurately and absolutely reflect the painful beliefs we hold. This Universal design is the way of a compassionate Source who, in its non-demanding way, is ever ready to help us identify the nature of what it is we are believing that limits us. How else, except through these encounters with our thoughts in physical manifestation, are we going to see the painful story we are believing that separates us from Source?

Look upon your troubles as friends come to show you the way Home.



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