We Don’t Need to Know How to Make it Happen …

Grave of the unknown Child
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Only when we believe that there is a reason for every single event, situation, encounter in our lives can we truly relax into trusting Source. We must believe there is an overall plan whether we know what that is or not.

I like to think that the Universe informs us on a need-to-know basis. When it's time for us to know, we are informed.

In the meantime, our task is to simply relax into trusting and lining up with “the plan.”

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, Tracy, it is so human to “need to know.” 🙂 And you are so right to notice it as an ego plot designed to keep us out of touch with the present! This again, is where a daily practice helps support us in present moment awareness.

    I cannot over-emphasize the importance of having something we do every day to bring our focus into present time and away from the mind-made concept of a past/future. This future and past we empower so in our minds is simply an illusion! Prove to me that they ever existed outside our own mind!

    We must acquire a habit of presence that holds our attention on NOW. For me, it is a body practice. I use the body, through yoga & qigong, to plug me into the stream of consciousness that I Am in this moment. Through such a practice we focus on a “still point” and so quiet the mind. Such concentrated awareness allows us to tap into the awesome power of Source Consciousness and revel in its realness. Through such a practice I have experienced first hand that we are connected to an ever present Life Source. I have witnessed its vibrating aliveness and have come to know Source as (the only) Reality.
    May you also find it so,
    Blessings, Lynne

  2. There is this constant need for me to understand and have an explanation for every situation that goes on in my life.Its a good thing in the sense that i have read a lot of books and i am trying to understand me,however I have noticed a pattern where my mind goes over and over trying to explain situations.It feels like i feed on these explanations and they sort of give me a sense of purpose.I feel tired now that i notice i am always trying to get an explanation…I see now that this always keeps me in the past or in the future…i am never really here,now.
    its an interesting observation.I can now hear my thoughts analyzing,planning giving explanations.For the moment they are all over the place and it feels difficult to quiet them so i let them be.There is a quiet stillness behind them though and i hope i can tap into that with practice.
    It still feels difficult to trust on the unseen to give guidance.my belief system feels threatened and my mind still wants to maintain control.Its amazing to see how there so many aspects of me inside of me…

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