Acquiring a Daily Habit of Presence

(Thanks, Tracy, for inspiring this post with your comments on “Letting Go Of Our Need To Know” December 13, 2009.)

Our human need to know, that incessant internal harangue that goes on inside the mind and insists on an explanation for everything is one of the victim ego's more insidious ploys for keeping us distracted and disconnected from the present moment! The only help I've found for this otherwise totally distracting ego maneuver is my daily commitment to a practice that supports present moment awareness.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of having something we do every day that can bring our focus into present time, and let go of the mind-made concept of a past or future. This future and past we empower by spending hours at a time dwelling on them is simply an illusion.

the doorway Prove to me that the past or future ever existed outside of our own mind! I have found no proof that either of those places exist, or ever did! I have found only the evidence of a thought-generated present moment!

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Our task is to acquire a habit of presence that works to hold our attention, our awareness, our focus on the NOW.

For me what works is a body practice. I have learned to use the body, through yoga & qigong, as a way to plug in to the stream of consciousness that I am in this moment.

Through such practices, we learn to focus on a still point (an immutable point of reference, such as a visual focal point for the eyes, or to steadily hold ones awareness on the energetic presence of Source) and so quieten the mind. From such a place we are separated from our stories about reality and shown something that is not illusion!

What we find is an authentic, in this moment sort of Power that nullifies the need to know anything beyond it. We come face to face with a Source of Energy that we can absolutely rely on to see us through. Through my practice I've experienced, first hand, our connection to an ever present Life Source. I have witnessed its vibrating aliveness and have come to know Source as the One and only Reality.

May you, too, find it so,
Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have a body through which to experience the moment, to surrender to the movement, trusting the body’s wisdom and our connection to Source!

    I have found your blog through Linked In and so enjoy it. I am grateful for the words you share, Lynne.

  2. Thank you,
    I always felt tired of all the the thoughts running in my head about so many things and now i realize that i was indentifying myself with them.I also feel that my need to always feel victimized was a result of my thought patterns.
    Living in the present moment is a new thing for me yet i feel that this has been the great question i have been asking myself,I just didn’t realize it at first.It feels good working on this and i feel my mind is easing up.thank you.

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