Seven Steps to Freeing the Mind ….

to Sanity?
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Below you will find Seven Steps for Restoring Sanity along with the Spiritual Principles that Govern each Step. The more immediate the application of this simple seven step formula, the quicker will be your return to inner harmony and peace.

They are:

  1. Notice when there is inner conflict or disharmony present and take it as an opportunity for growth. Principle: Most often, stressful feelings serve as messengers that report to us that we are caught up in a victim story. Principle: Our reactions are ALWAYS about what we're telling ourself – not about what's happening out there so blame does not help. Look within instead.
  2. Notice what the external person or situation is triggering inside you. Principle: The external world is a mirror that reflects our own beliefs and inner dynamics – every time!
  3. Look within for the story you're running … i.e. “What am I believing about this person/situation right now? Principle: The cause of our misery is what we are believing and NOT the outside person or event. Principle: We project our internal negative story onto some external person or situation.
  4. Step back from the belief by seeing the story & questioning it. This allows you to insert a “seed of doubt” between you and your story, rather than go on blindly believing what you're telling yourself. Principle: Stepping back accesses the Observer Self which is the opposite of victim mind.
  5. Find what you have judged in yourself – that which you have not forgiven – and forgive it. Principle: What you judge as unacceptable in yourself gets projected out onto others – always. Principle: We don't get better by addressing the external behavior but by challenging the belief behind it. We cannot behave any differently as long as we go on believing what we are currently thinking. In order to free ourselves of undesirable behaviors (either our own or that of others) we must first challenge our own thinking about it. Forgiveness starts with understanding and acceptance- towards ourselves and others.
  6. Recognize that this stressful situation holds gifts FOR you … it comes as a messenger to support your process of mental liberation. One way of gleaning the gifts is to consider that the exact opposite of what you have been believing to be true may be just as true. Principle: The Universe is a friendly place where the things that happen can be used for your own highest good – even the most painful events teach and evolve us. Principle: We tend to focus on only that which verifies our painful story and ignore all evidence to the contrary – even when that evidence supports a happier, healthier stance.
  7. Give thanks for the awesome way that the Universe is collaborating with you for your own gain in consciousness. Principle: Gratitude is the highest frequency. When we operate from gratitude it adjusts us to the highest vibrational frequency possible – one that puts us in alignment with the One True Source. Principle: The Universe is alive and actively engages us in a dialog designed to bring us into Oneness with Source.

Begin to practice these steps, in totality or any part thereof, for greater peace and happiness.

May blessings come your Way.

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