Do these spiritual principles really work?

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Attribution-NoDerivs License by Vince Kusters

Someone asked me how I know that these principles that I teach really work. I think what she really wanted to know is if I'm living these teachings in my personal life.

The easy answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY – I have committed my life to testing out and practicing these spiritual truths in my daily life. I see my life as a laboratory for the purpose of verification of the spiritual principles I've studied since early adolescence.

My commitment is to live in, and/or return to the Observer or Witnessing Self as often as possible. This means that when I think or feel any sort of negativity I understand that I'm in react mode. This can mean only one thing – that some sort of victim story is in that moment ruling. (Here's a good one as an example … “I should be more conscious than THAT…”, It's a victim story wherein I'm victimizing myself for not being the way I “should” be).

I aspire to immediately recognize (not get rid of ) a low frequency or victim story when it's running me (other examples include a martyr/guilt story, resentment/justified outrage or feeling put upon – victim stories often dominate over the mind). In seeing it, I learn from observing what it generates in me. This practice of stepping back into a witnessing space is what makes freedom possible.

Stepping back from the story by asking a few simple questions like; “What am I believing right now that has me reacting like this? Is it true?”, is how to access the Observer and frees us from the victim mind – at least for the moment. From such a place, the mind can clear and become, once again, connected to Reality. Inner peace results.

Personally, I am not totally story-free … although I hear that such a place is possible …. Honestly I do not know if that will happen for me and I spend little, if any, time worrying about “getting there”.

What I do know is that a Return to Sanity is possible regardless of how inundated by victim story we may be.

I am someone who notices and verifies to myself over and over again that these principles really work. As a result I have complete confidence in them.

I have noticed that application of the basic spiritual principles that I teach can, in truth, return us to sanity and peace – every time.

They do free the mind.

The resulting release and relief is often (not always) immediate and freedom remains until the next story that finds a sticking point in our belief system arises.

Perfection is not the goal – growing by learning from our resistance into an ever increasing conscious dialog with Source is the desired attainment.

May you choose freedom now.

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