Lynne Forrest Offers Tools to Support Alignment and Expansion

If awakening is a driving force in your life and it is something that you deeply desire –  then I have important, effective, and highly accessible tools to share with you. Through my own life study and experience. I have uncovered routes to inner peace that I use for myself and have shared with hundreds of clients who consistently report miraculous changes they have witnessed in themselves and their loved ones through the application of these tools in their lives.

Are you ready to experience inner peace, using the ancient principles of truth and reality that are found in every sacred text since the beginning of the written word?

The Reality Formula teaches us that we don't have to go on living in the mental rut of thinking, feeling, and acting in the same old self-limiting, and self-destructive ways – that we can, in fact, create new neural pathways that promise much saner, and more pleasant results. 🙂

Here are some of the exceptional tools that Lynne provides to help get you started on building that new road to Inner peace and outer harmony:  

1. Weekly Tips for Freedom From Victim Consciousness

As part of our commitment to worldwide outreach, we send out weekly messages, free of charge.  These mini-lessons come as email messages, which cover a wide range of topics relating to victim consciousness (simply meaning: from a stance of a limiting story of helplessness or insecurity). For instance, providing teaching examples of how victim consciousness works and how to see things from a different perspective, in order to make decisions that will bring about positive changes. These weekly messages broadcast ‘seeds' of freedom from victim consciousness to those who want it – wherever they are – whatever their financial status, as long as they have access to the internet. This is Lynne's gift to those of you who are ready to get started today in transforming your consciousness – subscribe here.

2. Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, by Lynne Forrest

This is the book I wrote for the readers who repeatedly requested a guide to exit the Victim Triangle and out of victim consciousness. “Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness” is intended to be a textbook (however, hopefully not so dry in its presentation ;)) which describes the process I have found as the way off the victim triangle. I love it when clients show up for a session, with their dog-eared, underlined, copy of this book in hand.

3. Seminars & Trainings that teach on three levels to support positive Self Expression and Expansion:

1. Mental; Reframing Core Beliefs: Reality Formula Live is an online community, which utilizes live Zoom webinars to meet twice every month, a full archive of videos of every live meeting for your review, and we have just added a private Facebook group where members may interact with each other, and Lynne, if they want! Lynne has done Teachings as well as personal development work with members who volunteer to process whatever they are dealing with in their lives.

2. Emotional: Releasing and Forgiving our Painful Stories: Watch Lynne work with individuals to help them clear painful core beliefs, or volunteer to work with Lynne to gain clarity on a recurring theme that you would like to shift, at Reality Formula Live.

3. Physical: The Breathwork Intensive that is coming up on Thursday is a very powerful tool for clearing the physical, emotional, and mental blocks.

Be sure to check the Events Page to watch for upcoming events.  Since the pandemic began, our intensives have become more easily accessible online events. Which brings us to look more closely at Lynne's online community, which has been meeting twice per month for a couple of years now, called Reality Formula Live!

4. Journey Home MP3 Download:

Presented in my own Southern voice, Journey Home includes two guided imageries with distinct goals in mind. The first is designed to help us release the angst of our day, to return to center and move beyond victim consciousness, and the second guided imagery included in Mp3 is a walk along your life path, as you travel upwards for an encounter with your own Higher Self.


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