Guiding Principles VS The Victim Perspective

Guiding Principles Vs. Victim Perspective

1. Law of Cause & Effect: There is no coincidence. Everything has a cause and an effect. Regardless of whether what we experience is painful or creates happiness, it is always FOR the expansion of our consciousness and therefore serves us.

Victim Perspective: I am a victim at the mercy of an unfair world. Life is chaotic and without rhyme or reason.

Question: What might be the purpose of my own current life situation? Is there a thought behind my reaction? What is it? 


2. Law of Vibration: We are energy-in-motion, Source-based, and vibrational beings. We create a vibrational frequency based on the thoughts we believe that attracts to us people and life encounters which reflect the same emotional tone, re a similar, dense, or light, vibrational frequency.

Victim Perspective: Bad things happen for no reason, other than because the world is a dangerous place. It is not safe to trust.

Question: What emotional tone or vibrational frequency am I currently operating on? Are my thoughts generating a light, positive, pleasant, vibrational frequency, or a heavy, dense, not so pleasant emotional tone? How are my thoughts affecting my frequency right now? 


3. Law of Polarity: The mind is made up of an opposing pair of opposites: The Victim Ego, and The conscious Co-Creator Self. The Co-Creator Self (Higher Mind) is the eternal being and essential nature of who we are as divine and limitless beings that goes beyond the physical, beyond anything we can experience with the five senses. This expansive self is that part of us that sees and knows without judgment, guides with compassion, and prompts us though our intuition or “inner knowing.” The Co-Creator Self always operates from Love, Wisdom, and Understanding.

Its opposite is the fear-based victim ego or “false self,”  often referred to as the lower self. It is designed to operate on the worldly level, and cannot see beyond our physical experience.

These two selves are polarized opposites, the “yin-yang” of all things manifest. Everything in creation consists of the light/dark, conscious/unconscious, masculine/feminine elements. These two opposites are like flip sides of the same coin and inseparable, although there is constant friction and resistance between them.

This friction between opposites creates the necessary resistance that makes expansion and increased growth of consciousness possible. But it also means we are in a perpetual state of struggle between these two extremes. Our challenge is to learn how to find the neutral space between opposites, rather than “choosing one or the other extreme as being “right” (making the other “wrong.”) Peace increases as we mature in our ability to accept that both are essential parts of the whole.

Victim Perspective: There is good and bad, right and wrong, in the world. I must fight, defeat and get rid of the bad, and experience only what I am taught is the good or the right side of things.

Question: What dualities am I presently aware of around me? How am I resisting the dual nature of my own reality?


4. Law of Cycles: Energy travels in spirals and circles; and everything in life has a cyclic nature. We spiral forward on the consciousness journey, often moving through particular life themes and old cyclic patterns that serve to awaken and spiritually refine us.

Victim Perspective: I am on a straight and narrow path that must be always going forward, else I am failing or doing it wrong. I must be perfect and do life perfectly to progress.

Question: What life themes or old patterns am I cycling through right now?


5. Law of Reflection: The world is a mirror that accurately reflects the present state of our relationship with ourselves, Source, and those around us.

Victim Perspective: Being treated unfairly. I am a victim of abuse, unfairness, and neglect at the hands of others. My only chance of feeling better is to change or stop them from abusing me.

Question: What are my present relationships and life situations reflecting to me about my thoughts and feelings towards myself?


6. Law of Transmutation: Life and everything in it is changing, That is the nature of life. Nothing stays the same. Everything shifts and changes.

Victim Perspective: Life should stay the same. Change is bad, and unnecessary. If things change, it means something is wrong.

Question: What does my emotional response tell me about the thoughts I am choosing to believe right now? Am I running on unhappy thoughts, or am I choosing my thoughts consciously?


7. Law of Verification: When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if its true, and then we react in ways that prove us right. This is the Reality Formula that defines Reality as we each personally experience it: Thoughts/Beliefs + Emotion + Reactions = Reality. There are no exceptions.

Victim Perspective: It is the world and what others do or don’t do to me that makes me feel bad. It’s their fault that I react the way I do, and they are the ones who make me suffer.

Question: What unhappy thought am I believing, and what do I create in my life by believing it?


8. Law of Projection: We project our beliefs and unhappy story on to those around us, and then react as if what we project is true, which elicits a response from the world that amply proves to us that what we believed and projected is true.

Victim Perspective: I had to react the way I did because they made me.

Question: What am I judging as unacceptable about the person, or situation I am resisting? How do I do the same things I criticize them for – to myself, if not to them, or others?


9. Law of Intention: What we focus on expands, and what we ignore,. We can collaborate with Source by choosing a possibility we want to manifest, and then set a conscious intention to ‘attend it’ into Reality.

Victim Perspective: I must force them to see how they are mistreating me, and make them apologize so they will stop hurting me and I can feel better.

Question: What am I “growing” in life? What in my life needs more attention? What needs less?


10. Law of Alignment: Through conscious intention, we align daily with Reality and surrender to enjoying a life of peace and spiritual adventure, as vessels or conduits for the Flow of Source through us. We live in Observer Consciousness, in alignment with ourselves, the world around us, and Source.

Victim Perspective:  I am only a physical body, with a brain that helps me survive against the odds of making it in a cruel world where life has no meaning. Only what I can see, touch, and hear are real – everything else is made up to make us feel better about life on Earth.

Question: What ways am I currently practicing daily to align with Reality and peace?


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  1. Love what you have to say Lynne. You put clearly and eloquently what I have learned and experienced in life and that is really helpful to me, and to my clients. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Davina, I appreciate your kind words. I love sharing my experience with others and finding in return the common ground that human minds share in common … 🙂

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