The Reality Formula At Work In Business

The Guiding Principles of Reality work wherever they are used. These Universal Truths are the way we see life when we are aligned with Reality. They bring us a sense of peace in our personal and family life, and they help us find right relationship with our partners, in life as well as in the business arena.Today I decided it would be helpful to share with you a business model that illustrates the Guiding Principles In the Workplace .

The business I've chosen as a model for todays purpose are a perfect illustration of how The Guiding Principles work. The Guiding Principles that I talk so much about naturally occur whenever we are in alignment with, versus resistance to, Universal flow. What I call the Guiding Principles is actually simply a list of the Universal Law that are in play during the process of manifestation, whether we are conscious of it or not. I happen to know the ins and outs of the business that I am highlighting today because the founder is my own son, Andrew Guilfoil.

B Andrew’s Skincare, LLC is a small company presently run by Andrew and his life partner, Brett Crandal, who has played an integral role in supporting Andrew in all his endeavors from the day they met. Today, Brett is the company’s CEO. Over the years, he has grown to greatly appreciate the role The Reality Formula®️ plays in Andrew’s life and often applies it to the business decisions he must make. Brett, Andrew, and I have conversed many times about how the Guiding Principles apply to life. Their company is a good example of how a business can be operated with consciousness and in alignment with spiritual principles.

One of the basic understandings touted in The Reality Formula®️, for instance, says that there are no problems, only opportunities for expansion and growth. Focusing on a problem inevitably leads to reinforcing and actually exacerbating the problem being pinpointed. It often misdirects our attention towards assigning blame and figuring out who caused the problem, and why it shouldn’t have happened. Whereas life challenges viewed  as is outlined in the first Guiding Principle allows us to see that life always happens FOR us, even when it is painful. This shift in focus allows us to look for the lessons and hidden gifts in a challenging situation rather than getting sidetracked with blame and negative mud-slinging.

From its inception, B Andrews Skin Care illustrated this first Guiding Principle. Again and again Andrew and Brett have sought and found ways to turn adversity, i.e.”problems,” into opportunities. And like most businesses, they have had their fair share of challenges!

As a matter of fact, the way this skincare company originated, some 20 years before it was called B Andrew’s, was in response to a “problem.” At that time Andrew was a massage therapist that was facing a serious challenge. Simply put he could not find any sort of massage oil on the market that worked with his hyper-sensitive clients, one in particular. This client needed the pain release that massage offered for her chronic muscular dysfunction but suffered mightily from painful skin eruptions due to the oils used during the therapeutic massage process. No matter what product he found on the market to use, her skin protested.

Andrew decided he was being “universally prompted” to find and develop his own allergy-free formula to truly help this client. So he set about researching the essential oils with natural healing qualities that would treat the symptoms his client was experiencing. After much trial and error, he was successful. He came up with the perfect blend of essential oils that not only alleviated her symptoms but actually helped greatly alleviate her muscular pain as well. Thereafter, he spent the next few years studying and experimenting with various blends of oil, creating amazing healing formulas for many of his clients, His oil blends and reputation as a skin care specialist grew.

Later, those very same skincare formulas became products used to raise funds for his school of Ballet, Even then, he was being guided, as the Guiding Principles suggest happens when we align with Source, towards the founding of the company that B Andrew Skincare would become.

In other words B Andrew’s is not a business that Andrew and Brett had to “make happen,” it is a business that came about as a result of their  following their own inner promptings in alignment with their desire to be of service. Joseph Campbell describes it as “following our bliss.”

It was part of the natural unfolding then that the demand for Andrew's skin care products increased to the point that creating a skin care business became the “next right step.” The progression I describe is a great example of how the Universe work through us when we allow the creative process to happen, rather than to try and figure out “something to do to make money.” Instead we learn to let opportunity “find us,” often through the challenges we face, and then we simply follow our promptings.

Instead of resisting, we learn to trust the challenges that come up for us along the way; we learn to see them, not as obstacles that obstruct, or as proof that we can't have what we want, but as creative opportunities. being presented to us, often as guides leading us somewhere better. This more receptive attitude of trusting life's challenges to be for us allowed Andrew to sort of “stumble into” founding a thriving company that offers real service to his customers.

The second Guiding Principle introduces us to the idea that everything in life has a particular “high or low” vibrational “tone.” Even our thoughts are electromagnetic in nature and carry (and transmit) a particular vibrational frequency as determined by their positive (high) or negative (low) emotional tone. The Law of Manifestation says that thoughts turn into things, and the sorts of things thoughts turn into is determined by the high or low vibrational frequency of the original thoughts we think and believe (If you are a student of The Reality Formula®️, you are already familiar with this concept.) In other words, our thoughts transmit a vibrational frequency that in turn, creates (or attracts) a matching vibrational outcome.

We can also apply this same understanding to what we put in and on our bodies. Everything has a particular tone depending upon the vibrational “high or low” frequency of its nature. We might say that the higher frequency a food or product is, the more life it contains. And the opposite is true – the lower or more dense the frequency of a food or product, the less life force it contains. In other words, the more alive, fresh, or pure a food or product is, (i.e. the higher its vibrational frequency) the more healing and nutritional value it will be able to offer. This applies to everything we ingest, whether it's the food we eat, the water we drink, or what we put on our skin (and BTW, the quality of thoughts we think determines our personal sense of aliveness too). To summarize, the more “alive,” a product is, the more life-giving energy it contains, the more life it exudes, the more benefit we gain from its use.

Andrew and Brett know the importance of vibrational frequency and of maintaining it in their products, in their marketing, and in their customer care.They know that what they put out will come back to them. It's spiritual  law.

And they consciously know better than to add heavy preservatives with a low-frequency chemical load to their skin products. They have been adamant and insistent in their refusal to add these chemicals to their products, again, because they understand that the degree of purity a product has will determine its ability to rejuvenate, heal and nourish their customers skin.

Their insistence in maintaining the aliveness of their products created a challenge because for many years the FDA would not allow products on the shelves of stores that did NOT contain the preservatives and chemical additives necessary to guarantee “shelf-life.” This meant That B Andrews was not able to market to a national or international market; they had to instead “handcraft” their products in small quantities until very recently when the laws relaxed around this issue. But this too, they took in stride, choosing to see that staying a small home-crafted business  allowed them to focus on generating better and better quality products for their loyal customers, and being able to stay connected and learn directly from those customers that taught them so much about what they liked and needed. In other words, their small target audience helped them continue to refine their products and customer care. While their size as a company did not grow exponentially, their understanding and educational opportunities for those who loved what they offer DID. And now that the federal laws are making room for products that are 100% organic they are ready for the expansion that is now rapidly upon them … Right on time! This too is the Universe, according to the Guiding Principles, working FOR them.

These days, Brett has taken the lead in B Andrews, allowing Andrew to move on to other creative outlets involving his love of the performing arts and dance. Brett has evolved into the expert that customers turn to for personal advice and individualized skin care. And he has evolved the business as a skin care expert through his enthusiastic sharing in his online blog posts. There he educates customers about the skincare products and gives helpful tips for skin care in general. The blog is his way of being able to stay in communication with their customers so that even as they expand they can still maintain personal connection. Good stuff.

B Andrews has not only provided a livelihood for these partners, but has served as a pathway to personal growth and inner expansion as well. The business partners and employees too, evolve as the company moves forward. This is what it is to have a business that is high frequency and alive; it's not only the business that expands, but everyone involved grows and thrives as well.

That B Andrews LLC is on the rise these days is unquestioned. It is a joy to watch from the sidelines. It is a delight to witness and share with you what it looks like when a business lines up with Guiding Principles that help them create the Reality they visualize.  \I hope you find something in this review that inspires you to learn more about how to apply Universal guiding principles to your own business, whether that business is still just a seed in your thought life, or already on the ground.

Love & Light,

BTW, if you want to learn more about B Andrews LLC, you can find out about their products and  learn tips on your own skin care on their website and in their skincare blog.

AND  when I told Brett and Andrew that I was highlighting their business as an example of how the Guiding Principles work in business, they were thrilled, and immediately responded by offering you, my readers,  a special 20% discount on any product order. To take advantage of their generous offer, simply email them at [email protected] with your order and mention that I referred you. You don’t even have to order online – they will contact you to confirm and complete your order.

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