The Magic of Alchemy …

Real Magic occurs when we consciously project an  assigned thought with intention and focus into the world where it becomes a visible person, place, or thing. Seen this way, we realize we are ALL magicians because we turn thoughts into things.  

With that in mind, wouldn’t it mean then that we are practicing an unconscious form of black magic (meaning done in the darkness of ignorance of unconsciousness) when we believe our fearful, pain-filled thoughts which we then project into being that which we encounter and experience In the world? 

When we consciously align ourselves with Higher Thought, we become true alchemists (magicians), transforming the darkness of fear and unconscious doing into the Gold of Source and Higher Consciousness.

The practice of Alchemy is to access the Conscious Observer Function and question any thought that vibrates at a fear frequency -not to eradicate it – but to simply hold it at arm's length as something you are choosing not to focus concentrated effort into believing.  Simply by holding a question between ourselves and the worse-case scenario we hold as a negative possibility, for instance, we interfere in the process of manifesting it into reality.

The Alchemical formula for manifestation is what we call the Reality Formula®️ that says: “When we believe what we think (we marry it mentally), we automatically feel as if it is true, (we marry it emotionally), and we react as if it is true (physically align with it) – and in so doing we project that energy into the world where we will meet in the flesh that which we believe. We will act in ways that invite the world to prove us right.


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  1. Thanks Lynne,

    I agree we project our personal views on everything that is.
    We also project from our unconscious and possibly from the DNA memories of our species!
    Personally even though I have lived and survived traumatic events in my life I remain creative and as positive as I can.
    But though I reach out, I continue to find people who are terrified, hurt and traumatized. Or evasive skimming the surface, you could conjure they are no different from the first group but developed a defensive strategy.
    So if you move in the direction you’re suggesting will you not do the same, block the negative from your consciousness creating another layer of delusional thinking.
    I admire your work and I am only expressing my thoughts.

    1. Hello Glyn, Thank you for your patience as I’ve been making my way back to you with time to respond appropriately.
      You expound nicely here and seem to be following well with the way I see it … and I love your question, “…will you not … block the negative from consciousness …?”
      The key word in your question is “consciousness.” It all depends on whether you are consciously choosing or unconsciously reacting out of oue defenses. Consciousness makes all the difference. It is the difference between denial (unconscious) and expanding awareness. It is not that you don’t SEE the negative story … you simply Question it – not ignore it! You turn it into a doorway for greater awareness .. and THAT makes all the difference in the outcome you create. Hope this clarifies a bit. Blessings,

      1. This may be a little off the point, we all have shadows, past traumatic events which cannot be erased and in fact make us partly who we are.
        Depending on a successful technic used to recognise these blocks, if accepted and embraced as part of you. Then mapped subsequently by the conscious mind allowing the individual to see the origin of suffering so the negative consequences can be avoided.
        My personal metaphor, an iceberg that appears as an insignificant factor but its mass lies unseen in the unconsciousness. By diving and surveying its mass it is recognised and made conscious.

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