Polarities Exist In All Things Created …

Everything is held together by sets of polarities – of positive/negative poles that create the tension between opposites necessary for life to manifest as reality.

For instance, the opposites, doubt and certainty are  necessary opposites in the Awakening process. Doubt coupled with fear becomes blind reaction which we often deem as bad, and try to repress or eliminate. We do not think to ask why we react the way we do, or what is moving us.

Moving back and forth between Certainty and Doubt produces a third point – an “other” is formed,  to become a point of center between the two – we call it “Discretion.” Discretion is the “balance that brings about a happy” marriage between the opposing duality of Doubt and Certainty. It completes the opposites and brings them into a trinity. In this particular polarity, the marriage is complete when Doubt aligns with Reality/Certainty, and become an observer that sees, questions, and absorbs, our challenging life events instead of going into a negative rant of blame and shut down in reaction to them.

As observers we learn to place a seed of doubt between us and our blindly believed concepts and world perspectives, by using a question.

We learn to question, thereby “tasting” everything that sets off an inner alarm; we hold the questionable in our mouth and “taste it” just enough in our minds, to determine whether it brings us resonance or dissonance – “Does it take me up or down low?” we learn to ask. This practice allows us to consciously choose whether to swallow down the dissonant perspective being offered, or to spit it out .

This defines my Awakening Life. I taste with doubt, cautiously chew on it until I decide if I want to swallow it and make it part of me , or if it is of a flavor that rings bitter … in which case, I may decide to spit it out for something kinder … sweeter.  Or not!

I may decide to swallow it whole instead, and take its ride! My choice. Ours is the gift of “free will”; It's totally up to me and you to decide!

This describes the marriage between Certainty and Doubt, whose third and “other” is Discretion. This duality-made-trinity is just one of the plethora of polarities we dance between everyday!

Are you watching?

Why not learn to ally with your opposites so that they become just one more tool of transformation to apply in the process of your continued Awakening?



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