Deciding Future Is Not Our Purpose

I am free as well from feeling guilty, lost or behind in “finding my purpose”…. There is no effort to try to “make my life into something special”, because I know what my purpose is … it’s quite simply … to be doing whatever Source is doing through me right now.

That’s it. That’s as much as I need to know. There’s nothing I need to go get prepared for … unless I find myself prompted to do something like that ….

If I do get involved in training or schooling of some kind, I don’t have to be guaranteed a certain outcome (or else I’ve “failed” :(). I don’t have to decide where it’s all going nor do I need to know what I will do with it someday…. (Of course, to plan and visualize is a positive, fun way to follow the Inner Prompting :))

Deciding future is not my purpose – aligning with a higher frequency, and allowing It to prompt and guide me, is.

Blessings, Lynne

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