Abundance for Life Purpose

To align on a daily basis keeps me in line with the purpose Source has for me. Nothing else is required for a life of purpose and joy.

I understand my part of the process … I know that since I can’t make anything happen – I might as well relax and enjoy how life is unfolding through me.

I have everything I need for the job I’m to do – with little to no effort on my part – I’ve noticed.

For instance, I look around me and see that I have an abundance of everything I need to live the life I am being prompted to live. How do I know it’s the life for me? Because It’s the life I’m living. I see that I have been supplied a large space in both houses for a daily movement practice. In both situations, there is a sound system and music of all kinds … there are candles, books and resources of every sort to aid the practice I do there. I see that my family has been placed on a piece of land with many ways to connect with the Earth. We have chickens that supply us with fresh eggs and a large vegetable garden that my husband, Daniel just happens to love growing. This is how I know how we are supposed to eat … it’s been supplied – it grows in our back yard. There is bounty everywhere I look ….

The point is this … I can look around and see the many resources I’ve been supplied and from that ascertain what sort of life I’m being prompted to live. It’s the one I’ve been given these resources for! I only need to utilize these tools that have been placed within hands reach as I’m prompted to do and trust the outcome to God. Oh … it is so deliciously simple!

Blessings, Lynne

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