Understanding Darkness

The esoteric teaching is that we come to this planet to explore the very conditions of darkness; the painful circumstances, even rape and murder, in which we may find ourselves. It’s part of the soul education or “course” we came to take.

We are here as spirit-in-a-body to learn more about how to manipulate the density of a physical, concrete world. The challenges we face were designed exactly for us … designed to further our reconnection with Source.

Imagine, a soul sitting with its Creator Source before incarnation … Imagine that what is being discussed is what that soul needs in its next incarnation to further its evolution. Perhaps the soul says, “I need to learn forgiveness and compassion …” The collaboration continues until the “right” family setting and conditions are agreed upon that will provide the necessary lessons for that soul’s refinement.

For instance, in order to learn forgiveness, there must be something to forgive, right? This means that there will need to be a “volunteer” to play betrayer or perpetrator for that soul. There is an esoteric thought that says our “enemies” are the ones who love us enough to play the most dubious role in our life drama (as Judas did for Christ). This is their way of supporting us towards completing the story we’ve come to play out.

Another idea is to think of the “volunteer” soul as someone who, for their own furthering, needs to experience playing the dark role. Their willingness to take on the “bad guy” role provides the essential tension between opposites that will bring the challenges and life lessons necessary for both souls.

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