Forgiving Darkness

Every one of us contain the seeds for every extreme within our psyches … a Hitler, child murderer, a rapist ….

When we encounter extreme darkness, we immediately turn our awareness inward to investigate what these happenings have come to teach. We trust that everything, even painful circumstances, happen “for” – not “to” us. We look to our own painful reactions for the lesson and see these events as opportunities for clearing and forgiveness.

We practice forgiving the darkness in ourselves and others whenever and wherever we encounter it because we understand that we cannot know what the bigger picture is.

A note worth remembering about forgiveness is that we forgive for ourselves, not the offender. We forgive because we understand that not forgiving keeps us in a low victim frequency and we do not want to torture ourselves with unkind thoughts of victimhood. Forgiveness is an act of loving kindness towards ourselves.

We do not know why some souls experience terror and assault – we just trust that they have come to experience what they experience. They do not need our pity. It is not our business to judge, nor can we prevent. Instead, we practice trusting that they are learning essential truths from their ordeals that will prepare them for their life purpose. Even if the situation leads to death … there is still no end – the evolving consciousness continues. The soul cannot die.

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