Believing in Miracles

Believe in miracles
Creative Commons License photo credit: szlea

We get addicted to our painfully limiting conditions and forget that they originated in our mind – with our thoughts/beliefs. We think we are at the mercy of our conditions, when in fact, we are only as controlled by them as we believe ourselves to be. This is because it is our thoughts that set the energy tone for our whole life expression, mentally, emotionally, AND physically.

We think we have to settle for the diagnosis we've been given, we limit our chances for healing to what the “professionals” prognosticate. Too often we fall for a limited notion of what is possible for us and in that way we limit the power of Source.

We cannot change or heal unless we believe we can.

We are not our conditions.

We are not our diagnoses.

There is no limit to what Source can do. It is unlimited.

It is only our lack of belief that limits our possibilities. We forbid miracles when we withhold our belief from Source.

It is only our own doubt that prevents us from being delivered from our conditions.When we believe our limitations are the final word, we sentence ourselves to living with them.

Practice affirming the limitless, far-reaching miracles possible through whole-hearted belief in Source!

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