Birthing Christ Consciousness

Burne Jones at LMH, Oxford
Creative Commons License photo credit: Martin Beek

Christmas is the time of year for commemorating the birth of the historical Christ child;
Christmas is also of parallel importance to each of us individually as we take time to make room for the Christ consciousness within our own heart.

The Biblical account of the advent of Christ (Matthew 1:18-25, 2:1-12) contains much that is equally applicable to our own awakening. The Christmas story is relevant to each of us personally because it helps us better understand our own spiritual rebirth. From the description of the immaculate conception to the encounter of the three wise men with Herod, to the journey to Bethlehem where the holy child was delivered in a stable because there was no room in the inn, all of it has special meaning for us.

Starting with the chosen parents, Mary and Joseph, who we come to see as the masculine and feminine principles within ourselves, we begin to relate the Christ story to our own unfolding.

Joseph, as the masculine aspect, or logos, is our intellect, the mental aspect of ourselves. Regardless of how intelligent we may be, our intellect cannot parent a new consciousness. Like Joseph, the intellect is not capable of really even comprehending what it means to birth the divine, much less be capable of fathering it! And like Joseph, we too must act on faith, rather than on our intellect.

Even though our mind may not be able to fully grasp the understanding of this internal sacred event, it still is asked to play a vital part in governing the welfare of the Christ consciousness within us. For although our intellect is not the creator of the Christ consciousness it is needed to protect, guide, and support the growth of that new being being birthed in us through Mary, the holy mother, who represents our sacred feminine principle, that which DOES birth the Christ Child within us.

Mary represents the very highest emotional experience that we as human beings can have: she is our pure love connection with Source, that part of us that is totally faithful to God, and delivers the Christ child through our intuition, or spiritual knowing of God.

It is through the Divine Feminine that the Christ is born in us; through the virgin awareness of pure intuition that our own spiritual identity is inspired and recognized. A pure heart always magnifies the Spirit of God in us.

And our heart serves as the stable where the child, because there was no room in the crowded inn (our own minds), is born. Like the inn that fated night, our own minds are too full to make room for the sacred. We crowd out the Christ child with all of our limiting stories about who we are, or need to be, until there is no room for the advent of Christ consciousness.

But there in that lowliest, most humble of places, in the poverty of our own hearts, we can find room. That is where we find the baby lying in the manger. There the Christ child is comfortable for it does not matter what the conditions of our heart are – it can still be a “stable” environment for the Christ energy to come forth. The heart is that inner space where only the bare essentials are needed; all presumptions, all superficiality has been stripped away. Only nature and Spirit remain.

Herod too represents a part of our own mind; he is the puppet king in us, our ego ruler. He is that part of us that is threatened by the Christ Energy and wants to destroy it. The ego is always threatened by the birth of that which dissolves fear and resistance; for it rules us by such things and so is that part of us that prevents spiritual growth.

The three wise men represent our three inner bodies (mental, emotional, physical) who seek to align with the Christ energy by following the guiding star, (our inner guiding light) to the heart where the divine child lies.

The wise men come bearing gifts for the Christ child of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These two have spiritual significance: gold is a symbol of refined consciousness; it is the gift of the physical that has been refined and transformed, frankincense (a kind of incense) is a symbol of priesthood representing our emotional aspirations unified with Spirit through our prayer connection with Source, and the third gift was myrrh (an embalming oil), which symbolizes the bitterness we suffer through the mind, and the mental, egoic death we must each suffer to claim our right as spiritual sons and daughters of Divine Consciousness.

This then is the story of the birthing of our very own Christ Consciousness. I hope you will take time to rest deeply in the stable of your own heart through this holiday season. Make room in your heart for the birthing of the Christ consciousness through quiet times of thankfulness for the “tidings of great joy” that the Christ brings to you. Rejoice, for this advent will indeed transform your whole being!

Blessings for the holy child within you.


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