The Bible is a Living Vortex of Energy …

Krypta Abdinghofkirche
Attribution-NonCommercial License by pilot_micha

I have come into a relationship with the Bible only in recent years. My husband, Daniel is largely responsible. I grew up with a mother who had become disillusioned with organized religion. She left the Methodist church when I was seven – about the same time that she introduced me to the concept of reincarnation.

She was a seeker and an avid reader. Through her I was introduced to Theosophy, the Rosicrucians, Tibetan Masters, etc … and I never went back to a particular church. Instead I turned my attention to the study of the psyche, eastern philosophy, metaphysics and eventually to mystical Christianity.

It wasn't until Daniel came into my life fifteen years ago that I discovered the great treasure contained within the Bible. I would tell him about a spiritual principle I was studying at the time and he would say… “Oh yeah, It says that very thing in Matthew ….” And then I'd get my Bible and find and meditate on that particular chapter.

Emmet Fox was a Christian author who has fed my growing zeal for the Bible. He wrote that the Bible is “… a great vortex through which flows wonderful spiritual power into the individual soul who reads it with understanding”.

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