An Internal Christmas Celebration

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike LicenseThe Many Faces of Christmas (127)by mharrsch

The Birth of Christ is not only a historical happening … it is an internal event. The Christ Child is our own Divine Self, born of the Father in Heaven (Divine Source Energy) and brought into manifestation through the divine feminine.

Born in Bethlehem, which is a Hebrew word that literally means “house of bread”, that humble birth place symbolizes our own inner space of nourishment, the nurturing cave of our own hearts.

Every year at Christmas we are reminded, once again, that the Christ Child is born within to awaken us to the “glad tidings” that we are, one and all, sons and daughters of a “King” that loves and nurtures us.

We are heirs to the throne of an Eternal Light (represented by the Star of Bethlehem) that guides and protects us every step of the way. We are totally supported, even breathed by that Divine Source that supplies our every need.

This year, take a few minutes to reflect on the Christ Child within. It is the Divine Spark that awaits your nurturing attention. To parent this child means to recognize your own divine origin. It means to remember who you really are as a beloved son/daughter of an Eternal Source. It means never to forget again that you are totally loved and worthy of love.

May you birth the Christ Child within and receive the gifts of the wise men; the gold of refined consciousness, the incense frankincense that connects you with the heavens and the enlightenment that comes from experiencing the “bitter times” or “myrrh” of life.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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