Building New Neural Pathways to Peace with Reality Formula™

The Reality Formula™ 


The Real­ity For­mula™ is a for­mula that describes what all human minds do. Believing the thoughts we think is what human do. We think a thought and automatically presume that it is true, and then we ‘take the ride' that believing a stressful thought takes us on.

This is the design of life on our planet, and not a problem at all (except that we make it one) – WHEN we remember that we are made to believe, feel and act what we think into reality. It's called the process of manifestation.

I've been teaching the precepts behind the Reality Formula™ for many years, and have seen, and realized in my own life, the astounding ways it works to birth in us a new consciousness – what, Paul, in the Bible, called the “new man.”

We literally change the way we see the world and everything changes! Neuroscience uses a more scientific term to describe the new consciousness that we build by aligning with the Reality Formula™. They refer to it as building a new neural pathway that overrides our old default neural pathway – those old habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that have held us captive in our own victim thinking for so long.

To know and use the Real­ity For­mula™ in consciousness brings on a process of awak­en­ing. We begin to realize that we do not have to blindly believe the unhappy thoughts we think. The moment we step back and begin to observe, rather than to react to, our life situations, we begin to climb out of the dark hole of vic­tim con­scious­ness and into the light of the witnessing Self. Latest research in quantum physics establishes that nothing exists until it is observed.  This realization helps us to remember the immense importance of developing our own Inner Observer.

As soon as we witness, rather than judge negatively, we move into Observer consciousness, the built-in ability that humans have to witness our own thought life, and make different choices as a result. The ability to change based on what we observe is a skill that might be easier to understand when we listen to what research in Neuroscience has demonstrated about how the brain functions.

The Reality Formula™ As It Applies To The Physiology Of The Brain

The latest findings in brain function help us understand the Reality Formula as it takes place physically in the brain. Here's what happens in the brain when the reality formula is in play:

It all starts in the Neocortex which is the front brain; it is the place where our thinking takes place. We think things through here, we analyze, inquire, rationalize, etc; it's where we think our thoughts about ourselves and the world around us.

The electrical impulses of the thoughts we believe move from the Neocortex to the mid-brain where the Limbic Brain is located. Here the brain translates those beliefs into a feeling. The belief has now become an e-motion, i.e. energy-in-motion. This helps us to better understand how it is that feelings come primarily from the thoughts we think and believe, and not, as we so often think, from the people and situations outside us.

A thought must have a feeling associated with it that is strong enough to inspire us to act before action will be taken. As soon as we believe a particular thought that calls for action, we are moved to act. The Limbic is the place from where our behavior originates. From here neurotransmitters are sent out to the various systems (and glands) in the body that stimulate and determine the kind of action taken. Our action or behavior, of course, will be an extension of the thoughts we believe. So if we are thinking and believing fear-based thoughts, the neuropeptides created from our emotional response to those beliefs will stimulate the adrenals, causing us to have heightened feelings of fear, paranoia, and resentment, and creates within us a fight or flight state of being.

The Reality Formula™ reminds us that what we think and believe determines our body's response to life: “When we think a thought (Neocortex) and believe it, we feel and act as if it's true (Limbic Brain).” When we go through that process enough times, it becomes a habitual mental pattern that we automatically default to over and again.

There's one more important player in this diagram of the brain as it relates to the Reality Formula™; it's the Cerebrum where the imprints, thought loops, defense mechanisms, as well as memories of all kinds are stored in actual physical pathways in the brain. These neural pathways are constantly being weakened or strengthened by the amount of usage they get as determined by how often we go into that same old mental loop described above.

This becomes an endless non-productive, life-limiting, addictive rut that most of us have either accepted as hopeless or are fighting constantly to overcome. There is an easier way to peace.


Are you tired of thinking the same old painful thoughts that generate the same old bad feelings and leave us feeling the same old emotions of inadequacy, anxiety, and/or driven by fear of rejection, abandonment, or failure?

Are you ready to replace old mind tapes with new neural pathways for peace?

Are you ready to step out of the old rut of negativity that sucks you down into the swamps of depression onto new roads to higher places? Are you ready to give up your old neural loops with a new mental default for peace?

If so, we have designed a special tool with you in mind!  

If you are ready to reframe those old negative mental tapes that you've felt at the mercy of, and replace them with a new mind that sees Reality as a friend, rather than resisting life at every step, then NeuroCue's presentation of Reality Formula™  is for you!

Priced to keep it affordable, the app itself is free of charge; it is a download for your iphone, android, ipad, laptop, etc and brings me to you as your own personal, online coach, in teaching you the art of building a new neural pathway to mental freedom from victim consciousness.

Find out more about NeuroCue, a phone app designed to foster the development of new neural pathways, who I have partnered with to be able to bring to you a complete program for building your new neural pathway to peace, using the principles of Reality presented in the Reality Formula™ combined with the latest research in Neuroscience to help you accomplish a new default for peace in just 66 days (which is the time neuroscience says it takes to put a new neural pathway in action)!

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