Getting hooked by our stories about Reality is not Reality at all …

All of us get caught up in our limited story on occasion, it's not a problem … it's just what human's do! We are designed to be dysfunctional! (perhaps you've noticed! ;))

Humans simply believe the thoughts we think without questioning them at all. We simply, and naturally, think what we think is true. We mistake our thoughts about Reality for being Reality! They are NOT the same thing at all!

One way to tell the difference between Reality and our story about Reality is to ask ourselves if what we believe can be argued – Reality/truth is inarguable – so when we attempt to argue a point of view as being “right” we can know immediately that we are pushing our story about Reality, which might, or might not have anything to do with Reality at all.

But none of this is a problem.

Actually, I believe it's not only not a problem to get hooked by our story, but that it is, indeed, a necessary part of the refinement process we must go through to mature as individuals. We have to get caught up (hooked) in our unhappy stories, for how else are we going to see the repercussions of what we believe, much less be able to forgive ourselves for who we become when we believe the fear and resentment-based stories we think except to play them out in visible fashion?

From playing out our stories about life, we come to understand that all humans do what we do because we believe what we think. Knowing that allows us to begin to stand back, rather than to automatically react in ways that only perpetuate the unhappy story we are believing.

Seeing times of stuckness and getting hooked as something necessary to our evolutions allows us to value highly the comeuppances and sticky places in our life circumstances, for they show us the obstacles that are currently standing between us and peace.

It is the situations and people we know that cause us to ruffle our feathers in distaste and dissent the most that are our biggest gift-bringers; they bring us the gift of freedom by helping us to recognize where we still hold ourselves hostage to unhappy beliefs and limited story. We may not like these people, OR the lessons they bring, but they are essential players in our spiritual, emotional, and mental maturation process, nonetheless.

This process of  maturation, of growing-up,  that we, as humans, are invited to engage in is one I have spent a great deal of time learning and sharing about. From that study and years of experimenting with the principles that underlie the work I do with others, has come the  Reality Formula™, a method that is based on founding principles in the work of self- refinement that teaches, for instance that: When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if our thoughts are true, and when we act as if what we think is true, we begin to act in ways that will invite others to give us the evidence we need to prove our thoughts true.

Good or bad, this simple principle applies. When we believe unhappy thoughts we create an unhappy personal world … that becomes our personal reality. When we believe happy thoughts, we create a much happier world of peace, love, and abundance. Sounds simple … and it is … but not necessarily easy – at all!


Sometimes the awakening to consciousness process is a really painful one. Sometimes we must be shown in loud noise, and chaos how it is we stand in the way of peace and Reality. Sometimes we must become broken, like shattered glass, so that Reality can be glimmered through the broken shards of the iron-clad mind-set of our totally made-up story about it.

We go through tough times often on our way to learning that it is not what we experience that dictates what we believe, but what we believe that determines what we see. This is true only every time! And once we get it … we can begin to cooperate with the process that is unfolding in us, rather than to fight it tooth and nail.

The Reality Formula™ is a consciousness refining process that is designed to inspire an evolving maturity where  the observer or higher consciousness rules our choices, instead of the victim-ego that prefers to slide  into an unconscious perception of ourselves as victims at the mercy of life. Instead we come to see that everything we encounter serves to enlighten us further.

The turn around happens when we stop seeing the world as being “against,” “at,” or “done to” us, and come to see the incredible way it mirrors for us the state of  our relationship with ourselves.

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  1. Yes, Trey, I too have noticed that fear seems to be a uniquely human condition that comes (I hypothesize) with the territory of being born into a world that believes the lie of separation.

    Accompanying the belief in separation is the fear of change that comes from an unfounded idea that says by holding onto what we have we can control their power over, or their impact upon us.

    None of this works really to subdue fear or transform us, but what does work is to surrender to the way things are … surrender to the Reality of this moment by accepting it, rather than by attempting to control it – which is an impossible thing anyway.

    What helps us to surrender? Any of the things you mention above are helpers towards that end.

    We can transform fear to acceptance through our food choices (Highly refined flour and sugar products are considered foods for the ego, whereas raw fruits and vegetables are alive and fuel us with living energy), through a daily practice that includes yoga & qigong for the purpose of aligning physically with Source, Reality, and Truth, as well as sitting in silence to receive the Inner Voice – all these things help us find peace in the midst of a fear-filled world.
    Thanks for your feedback & questions.

  2. Lovely…

    Thank you Lynne for your articulation here of such a simple but tricky principle in life…that our thinking creates our reality.

    Reverse-engineering that in order to “re-think,” and re-craft our reality so that it is sweeter, and more in keeping with our Heart is the best sort of invitation for change.

    Fear is going to come up in all of this because for some reason, deep in our DNA (I think?), we avoid change. It is not something we embrace naturally.

    I love the expression though, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

    Most surely, we are growing, constantly. I guess the key is bringing awareness to what we are growing towards, and into…and if we are happy and content with this direction. And if we are not, then to recognize how to make the adjustment…with our thinking.

    Any other suggestions for supporting change, i.e. in our daily “doings?” Meditation? Yoga? Nurtition? After all, I think we are more than our thoughts, right?

    Deep in gratitude for your reflections here…always appreciated !


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