Finding Guidelines Back To Reality …

The Guiding Principles of Reality are an alternative way of seeing the world that offers a happier lens through which to view life than that of the more widespread and dominant way of seeing life through the lens of a victim. This victim consciousness, that most of us engage in, prompts us to  look outside ourselves to find “the problem,”  or “the irritant” that is disturbing our peace and then manage it. Take control of it – by force, power, diplomacy, or by collapsing into its authority over us, we find ourselves reacting to life constantly in an effort to “make the world” treat us better.

Through the Guiding Principles of Reality, we begin to look within for the key to our peace of mind. We learn it is in the way we perceive the world, not what the world is doing, that determines our state of mind, and emotion. We learn to transform our view of the world, rather than to go on relentlessly, ineffectually, trying to control our outside conditions and situations.

Utilizing the Guiding Principles, however, is not a process of denial, i.e. “I'll just not allow myself to think about the negative …” sorta thing … like so many seem to think. We don't “pretend” things aren't the way they are. We don't undermine the severity and harsh conditions that we sometimes encounter in life. Denying Reality will not bring us to inner peace.

Instead we learn to use these same harsh conditions as “doorways” into the great work of refining ourselves and aligning ourselves with Reality, with what is REAL – as opposed to the internal, self-abusive, story that we torment ourselves into believing is real.

The Guiding Principles provide that doorway into a higher, more peaceful state of being. They are a set of guidelines that describe Reality to serve as an aid toward finding our way back to Reality when we get lost in our unhappy story (painful myth).

In using the Guiding Principles we involve ourselves in a process that teaches us to use ALL of life, as we encounter it, the “good” & the “bad” as an opportunity to refine & clear our own consciousness so that we can achieve a level of inner peace that nothing external can disturb.

Blessings, Lynne

If you're interested in learning more about how to utilize the Guiding Principles in your life for inner peace and wellness, why not consider joining me for an intensive weekend of experiential learning, here on the mountain in Monteagle? I will introduce you to a way of life that realigns us with Reality.


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