Melodrama or A Passionate Life?

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I recently listened to a friend vocalize protest against people she

described as being “so melodramatic.” She said her stomach clenches whenever

she gets around people who are “into drama,” and then confided to me that

she had long ago decided not to live her life with dramatic display, but

with introspective decorum instead.


I understand. I am a person who has been guilty of living my life “outloud”

in bold-colored drama more than once, and I've embarrassed myself plenty

with it. So I get her point. Nonetheless her comments prompted me to think

about the whole idea of defining melodrama in contrast to a dramatic life

expression. Here are some of my musings on the subject.


It seems to me that when we fully inhabit our Selves, (rather than living out

a limited version or story of ourselves) we may indeed be said to live

dramatic lives. Whenever we express ourselves with passion, it might well

appear quite dramatic. Whether we are living a life of melodrama, or

a passionately lived life may be difficult to determine from the outside

looking in because it is something that is lived from the inside out.


We're either watching, monitoring, and staging our affect on the world, i.e.,

“How do I look? What will they think? How can I manage their opinion of me?”

etc. – OR we are simply experiencing the magnitude of Life being poured

through us, and witnessing ourselves allowing that Life to fully express

Itself through us, with no thought of how dramatic we might appear to others!


When dramatically living an authentic life expression, there's a good chance

that the thought of others seeing us as melodramatic doesn't even occur

to us! We are simply one with the Life being expressed through us.


What ultimately determines the difference between a life of drama versus

a life dramatically expressed is the attitude behind the expression, rather

than the form of expression itself – or so it appears to me.


Live your life with the passion of knowing you are Source Energy being

poured out into the world in an endless stream of wisdom, bounty, and peace,

and enjoy your dramatic life expression as part of Life's beauty.




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