Investigating Stressful thoughts….

Continued from yesterday ….

In investigating the stressful thoughts I'd had that morning, I found they were not justified. More than that I saw that my desire to share a process I was not yet expert in, led me places I would not otherwise have gone …. In other words, I was being stretched and grown in ways that I would not have experienced otherwise.

The thought “I am a phony” turned around became “I am not a phony” and I began to see the truth in that. I am not a phony … because I wanted to share an authentic inner process with others …. I was simply operating out of the idea that they, too might find the benefits I was enjoying through the process I was sharing. This realization brought much relief.

Investigating the belief of failure …. I explored its opposite … “I am not a failure … I am simply in a learning process”. Investigating these thoughts restored inner peace and brought greater self understanding. As I wrote these words I felt an enhanced sense of self acceptance. I was again able to connect with gratitude.

Blessings, Lynne

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