It’s all about frequency

The more I think about this process of awakening into consciousness, the more I realize how vital a role frequency plays in the overall process. Basically there are two levels of frequency; high or “light” frequecy and low or “heavy” frequency. High frequency is anything that produces an inner state of peace, calm, joy, serenity, acceptance and surrender. Low frequency is that which produces any sort of “negative” or “bad” feelings – i.e., resentment, depression, anxiety, guilt, doubt etc etc. High frequency is the vibration of Universal Source Energy whereas ego resonates at a rather low frequency. Therefore when ego is running us we cannot align with Source – not because we are being clandestinely kept separate or because we're undeserving or being punnished… it's simply that we have to be resonating on a compatible frequency as Source in order to connect with such a high frequency. The two frequencies are mutually exclusive one from the other!
It's our emotional body that lets us know our current frequency status. Actually the emotional body has two functions as I see it. first, it simply reports frequency level; hi or low and second, it transmits what ever frequency is being generated in a very similar way that radio waves are emitted… and attracts to us that which matches the frequency we're vibrating on. This is the law of attraction or manifestation. In other words, if I'm transmitting low frequency then I will attract low frequency people and events into my life.
What we eat … the diference between high frequency food and food for the ego. Alive foods build bodies that can contain Living energy … highly refined and processed foods and sugar are foods that feed and build ego — they are low frequency.
As we clear our stories, we find ourselves prompted to eat higher frequency foods… when ego is the primary force we crave sugar and low frequency foods.
The mind is the generator … the emotional body is the transmitter.
Resistance is low frequency food for the ego. attaching belief to low frequency thoughts is the egos way of generating food in order to strengthen it's concept of “me”.
Watching our frequency is how we can tell whether we are in high or low frequency. If we are in low frequency it means only one thing… and that is taht ego is running a story.

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