Determining Our Life Experience

We can absolutely influence … no, actually determine, the quality of our life experience.

Our feelings are the key! The emotional body sets us on a particular “frequency pathway” or wavelength by transmitting the vibrational quality of the thoughts we're thinking.

Think of it like this. The mind is a generator. Our thoughts generate feelings. The quality or frequency of our thinking determines whether we feel good or bad. Whatever this emotional state is gets transmitted out which, in turn, attracts to us a like vibration. This becomes the energetic path on which we are traveling.

Therefore if we think negative thoughts, we generate negative emotional energy which will then attract to us negative life experience. It's that simple.

In order to have positive experiences & encounters in your life, clear your thought frequency by questioning any negative or stressful thought that comes up. Learn to appreciate what you have & do as a way to keep your emotional frequency high. Practice wanting what you have – seeing it as being perfectly for you… In this way, you can keep your frequency high and your life at peace.

Blessings, Lynne

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