Journey Home Guided Meditations

How to Use Observer Consciousness
to Free Yourself from Victimhood

by Lynne Forrest

Living in a State of Victimhood robs us of our personal power. We can free ourselves from this painful, damaging state and reclaim our personal power by committing to a daily practice of transforming our thought processes.

A daily practice is established by the regular use of subtle yet powerful mental tools which allow us to access what I call Observer Consciousness. Observer Consciousness is that part of us which has the ability to witness and reflect upon, rather than judge and react to life situations. The ability to observe reality with detached clarity is the key to freedom from the Victim Triangle.

Observer Consciousness is the antidote to Victim Consciousness. Essentially, we have two basic ways of perceiving the world: through the reactive lens of a Victim, or through the lens of an Observer Consciousness.

When we view life through the Victim lens, we live in defensive reaction to a world that we believe is in charge of our emotional well-being. That means that if things are going our way, we get to feel happy, content, and satisfied.

When we perceive that things are not going as we think they should, we are unhappy and we feel we are being mistreated, judged wrongly, or that we are at the mercy of unfair circumstances. By thinking like a Victim we perceive external circumstances as the sole cause of both our unhappiness and our happiness.

The Observer Consciousness does not react to what it sees. Rather, Observer Consciousness simply sees the world from the standpoint of the unbiased witness, the part of you who can see without feeling the need to judge right or wrong, good or bad, that which is seen. From such a state of consciousness we know that the real cause of our emotional experience is our own thinking.

When we perceive the world from the state of Observer Consciousness, we understand that all unhappiness originates in the mind, rather than outside of us.

From a state of Observer Consciousness, we are more interested in our own internal reaction to life than we are to the external situation itself. We know that the real route to peace lies in determining and exploring our thoughts and beliefs about a particular situation, rather than trying to control the situation alone.

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Once we learn about the Victim Triangle, the most common question I hear is, “How do I get off the Victim Triangle?”

While there is no magic pill that will suddenly transform our lives, leaving us Victim-free, there are several positive steps we can take that will dramatically improve the situation. One small step that can create immediate improvement is choosing to develop a daily practice, especially through meditating and cultivating a connection with that highest aspect of ourselves, our Higher Self.

We each have a Higher Self. The Higher Self is that part of us which witnesses life without the need to judge what it sees. It is the Higher Self that houses the Observer Consciousness mentioned earlier.

It is also our Higher Self that holds the memory of who we really are; that which understands we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This Higher Self holds the blueprint for our potential as a fully realized human being.

We must tap into and learn to read that blueprint if we are to realize our fullest potential and access our Higher Self.

And the only way we can read this blueprint is through a regular, daily contemplation or meditation practice where we spend time in contact with this higher aspect of ourselves.

When clients come to me feeling overwrought and filled with worry and angst, I know they are seeing the world from a state of Victimhood. I often use a guided meditation to enhance perception and aid the shift from a Victim viewpoint to the empowered and peaceful state of mind of the Observer Consciousness—the natural state of consciousness of our Higher Self.

I have found that the use of guided meditation often completely restores a sense of peace and connection. It allows us to perceive our life circumstances and the people in our lives as being FOR us, rather than against us. Such a shift in perception brings a heightened sense of well-being and eases the mind.

Clients who are familiar with my guided meditations report feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally. Over the years I've had many requests to record at least a couple of these meditations for use whenever they were feeling overwhelmed and couldn't make an appointment to see me.

I'm very excited to tell you about my very first set of professionally produced, guided meditations that are as close as I can get to working with you one-on-one… and which will allow you to create your own healthy shift in perception when you most need it. This short, but very effective program is called Journey Home to Higher Self…

Since this is the very first time I've offered these two meditations together like this and since it would take a lot longer to get it produced as a physical CD and shipped to you, I've decided to offer it immediately as a set of downloadable MP3 files instead. This way you can get Journey Home to Higher Self and start using these meditations to activate your Observer Consciousness in as little as five minutes from now, if you wish.

Regular use of these guided meditations can…

  • Improve your ability to sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Help you relax more deeply
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve memory
  • Enhance your ability to concentrate

While these benefits are wonderful and significant in and of themselves, it is the deeper connection with our spiritual, intuitive Observer Consciousness that I believe is most critical. And strengthening Observer Consciousness is exactly what a consistent meditation practice is designed to do.

We must learn to perceive the world through eyes of the neutral Observer; this is a pre-requisite for freeing ourselves from Victimhood.

If you make these guided meditations a regular part of your daily practice, you will learn to recognize the voice of your Observer Consciousness whenever it speaks to you. You can start feeling what it's like to see life through the lens of the Observer Consciousness which operates through reflection and intuition.

When you listen to Journey Home to Higher Self you'll have a different experience every time. Through your experiences with these guided meditations, you can access the guidance of your Higher Self in all of your life experiences.

Journey Home to Higher Self Can Help You…

  • Facilitate a relationship with your Higher Self
  • Access your Observer Consciousness and move out of the victim mind state
  • Develop a consistent daily practice
  • Relax and sleep better
  • Decrease anxiety and daily tension

Inside the Journey Home to Higher Self

The Journey Home to Higher Self downloadable MP3 package contains two guided meditations approximately 23 minutes long each. Included is a full transcript of each meditation in PDF format and this is all available now for just $29.00.

In my most tranquil, slightly southern-accented voice, I will guide you through a relaxed journey that is uniquely your own.

Meditation 1— Journey Home to Your Higher Self

A guided meditation designed to empower you to see your daily life and the people in it as essential parts of your personal and spiritual journey.

Meditation 2— Releasing the Angst of Your Day

A guided meditation designed to help you clear your day. It’s especially helpful when you find yourself unable to sleep due to worry or anxiety around life situations. This meditation will help to induce a relaxed state even as it facilitates movement out of the victim mind state and into observer consciousness.

Please note that currently this is a special release of this guided meditation program and it is ONLY available as a downloadable set of MP3 files and PDF documents. This means you will not be charged any shipping and there is no wait to get started using the program. You can download your copy of the meditations within minutes of making your payment.

What this is not…

So that we're absolutely clear and to avoid misunderstandings about the content of this program—the material contained in these guided meditations is a practical, guided journey and does not contain Victim Vocabulary or examples of Victimhood and Victim Triangle theory. For that you can get a lot of great, free material from the Victim Triangle mailing list AND look forward to a program I'm currently developing that is more theoretical and teaches theory, mechanics and specifics and which you will be able to use in conjunction with these meditations.

Journey Home to Higher Self (these recordings) is the first step in the actual practice of freeing yourself from the Victim Triangle rather than more theory. This practice solves the more immediate problem of angst and suffering and, frankly, it's the step that really must come first if the theory is to be understood and internalized. I hope this makes sense and emboldens you to get started with the practice now, rather than wait for more theory!


Lynne Forrest

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Victim-Free Guarantee

We have put our hearts and souls into producing this program for you and I feel certain you'll be delighted with it. However, if you feel it's not right for you, just let me know and I'll gladly refund one-hundred percent of your investment within 60 days of your purchase. This way you can feel completely comfortable giving this a try and knowing that there's no risk whatsoever if it simply isn't for you.

“I have listened to many of Lynne’s guided imageries over the years. The first thing that strikes me is the calm, soothing quality of Lynne’s voice. It has a hypnotic effect and gets me centered and grounded. It’s like going on an inner journey with a friend. After a minute or so, I get so caught up in the story that I forget my surroundings and go to the inner room or the sacred place that is being described. I can listen to the same guided imagery several times and get something different out of it each time I listen to it. At the end of the imagery I am breathing slower, deeper and calmer. Things that were frustrating and bothering me before I sat down for 10-20 minutes no longer seem important. I feel present and In the Moment. I deeply and completely accept myself.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Nancy M., Chattanooga, TN.</span>
“I have used Lynne’s Guided Meditations for several years now. I have found them to be an integral part of my morning routine. I have also found them to be extremely helpful anytime I find myself led by my Story or overrun by fear. The meditations are very grounding. They encourage and allow me to retreat within myself and connect with my inner child. They allow me to find that calm place within myself that reminds me I am always connected with Source and always provided for. All I have to do is Trust, Surrender, focus on breathing slowly and Allow Source to guide.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Kalei, Albuquerque, NM</span>


P.S. – Do You Work with Clients Who Struggle with Victimhood?

Journey Home to Higher Self comes with written transcription of the meditations in PDF format to make it easier for you, as a therapist or counselor, to adapt the meditations to your own choice of music and use your own voice to take your clients through the meditation.

*CD image and transcript binder graphic are for presentational purposes only. Your product is delivered directly to your computer as a set of downloaded MP3 and PDF files.

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