How to protect ourselves in an “unsafe” world ….

When you expect trouble you will find it – that's the way of it.

When my children were small and we were in financial straits, I lived, for a couple of years, in what might be considered the “ghetto” of my city. Most of the time I didn't even think to lock my doors – we never had a break in or any incidents (other than friends barging in on occasion while we were away. 🙂

When we were growing up – my parents never locked the doors of our house. It was not something we even considered. Why? It just never occurred to us that we needed to. You see, I grew up believing in the power of Unseen Protection.

We were taught to see ourselves as being held within a “bubble of protection” … that's what my mother called it and she taught us to put ourselves and our prized belongings in it wherever we went. In time I taught my children about the bubble as well and I still use it today.

It goes like this… Whenever I feel unsure of my safety or simply want extra protection I visualize myself (or the person or thing I want to protect) surrounded in a bubble of safety. I see it as an energy field that completely encompasses me and keeps me safe. Once I've envisioned it, I then give thanks for that protection and then go forth feeling secure in that protection.

I've never had this treatment NOT work … and I've used it MANY times for all sorts of purposes. As a result I have absolute confidence in it's protective power. It makes sense to me that my confidence in it's power strengthens it.

Do I believe it could fail me? I think the only way it would not work is if I stop believing in it. That, I feel sure, would weaken it for certain.

In other words, I'm saying that our beliefs have an incredible effect … if I am afraid something bad will happen to me, than chances are I will be constantly looking for and expecting that sort of thing … This would be me surrounding myself in a different sort of bubble …. a sort of “trouble magnet” kind of bubble – an energy field that has the power to attract the very danger I am fearing.

I can think of several examples that demonstrate this idea… but one in particular sticks out in my mind….

Years ago, in my early days of counseling, I worked with a woman who had been recently raped …. She was very fixated on the fear that this would happen again. It was a re-occurring topic in our sessions…. In the few months I worked with her, she indeed was raped twice more! After the second rape, she was even more fixated and within a few weeks it happened again! The point I'm making is that this young woman carried a victim story in her mind that she obsessed about, giving it greater magnitude and as a result it manifested not once more, but twice!

This is what we do…. we fixate our minds on something we fear and that fear acts as a magnet drawing us right to the very thing we're afraid of!

Does this mean if you carry a weapon for self-defense that you will attract violence? Not necessarily. It could actually work the other way. For instance, if you FEEL safer with a weapon of some sort on you, then you will BE safer.

On the other hand, if carrying a weapon keeps you focused on expecting trouble than there's a good chance you will find trouble to focus on!

I encourage you to see yourself as safe, put yourself in a bubble of protection and if carrying something for protection gives you an added sense of safety, by all means DO IT. The MOST valuable protection is to see and BELIEVE yourself to be safe. This is what works best. Know you are safe and you will be.


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