Guiding Principles of Reality


Universal Guiding Principles of Reality, and the Reality Formula™, based upon:      

The Universal Laws of Reality

1. The Law of Mentalism: Cause and Effect: There are no coincidences. Everything that happens has a cause. We are thought emanations of the One Mind that thinks and speaks all things into being, breathes life into us, and supports our every need.

2. The Law of Vibration: We are vibrational beings who attract and are attracted to people and situations of a similar vibrational frequency. Thoughts are electro-magnetic by nature; when we think a thought we transmit that particular vibration out, where it acts to attract to us an equal and/or opposite matching vibration.

3. The Law of Polarity: All things are made up of two identical, but opposite parts, or principles: the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine, etc. These two parts, held within the one, makes three, i.e. a trinity is born when the one is divided into two. Everything that is created is made up of  an equal and opposite set of polarities. This is how movement or progress happens.

4. The Law of Cycles: Energy is circular in motion; it spirals up or down, moves through cycles, and operates in patterns. We humans, for instance, cycle through particular life themes, “core beliefs” taken on during childhood, or “lineage beliefs” that are stored in our DNA, that are designed to awaken and spiritually refine us. These childhood set-ups that we cycle through again and again are not a problem, but are vehicles for our Awakening.

5. The Law of Reflection: The world is a mirror that reflects our own belief system and the present state of our relationship with ourselves and those around us. What we see in others will be a mirror image of that same thing in ourselves.

6. The Law of Transmutation: Everything is made up of living energy; nothing stays the same. Energy never dies. It simply changes form. This is the law behind the alchemical process of transformation. Consciousness is  fluid, it is constantly changing; and either evolving or devolving.

7. The Law of Verification: When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if it is true, and then we react in ways that prove us right. In this way, we create our own reality.

8. The Law of Projection: We project our beliefs onto others and then treat them as if our projections about them are true which ends up bringing us exactly what we expect from them, whether it’s what we want or not.

9. The Law of Intention and Attention: Whatever we focus on expands. When we direct our attention (through intention) upon a thing, good or bad, we feed that which we focus upon to become bigger.

10. The Law of Alignment: Through conscious choice we  release our resistance to Reality towards fulfilling the embedded soul code that is held within us since birth of who we were created to be; our sacred purpose is revealed, Observer Consciousness is activated and we are able to find inner peace and outer harmony.

These Universal Laws are brought into a much more simplified form for kids (and grown ups too!) called, Guiding Principles of Reality Made Simple™  that provides the foundation for teaching kids how to get off the Victim Triangle.

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  1. I agree and have seen these laws operate. I would want to add that the Creator, One Mind as you stated and I call God, did design these laws. And that His Holy Spirit is the power that is permitted to work in, with, and through us to bring us to that higher vibrational state making us more than a mental, emotional, physical creature once we empty ourselves to make room out of desire for Him, His Love, His Truth, His Presence. So many of us think we must be in total control by not trusting anyone or allowing another access to enter and affect us in new and unknown ways. Thus we limit our growth to what we decide alone is best. Without carefully considered abandonment, we will never receive anymore than what we already have and then spend energy keeping it that way as a spinning tire on ice never moving forward. As the tire needs the traction of an opposite or opposing force for movement, we too need His Spirit to germinate our spirit seed to set in motion our destiny towards a higher vibrational state now as a spirit, soul, and body. I simply am saying the same as you have said, yet in a different way.Thank you for your work. And thank God for His Love and perfect creation!

  2. Dear Lynne,

    I’ve been pondering this week on your statement, “When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if it’s true, and then we react in ways that prove us right”.

    Would what I’ve written below be another (less economical!) way of saying the same thing?

    “If we believe something, we automatically

    • feel as if it’s true
    • act as if it’s true.

    When we act in that way, others are likely to react in ways that appear to suggest we were right all along – even if our original belief was quite wrong!”

    I just wanted to make sure I’d understood what you were saying correctly, before I talk about it to clients and attribute it to you!

    Many thanks, and kind regards,

    Rose Whiteley (Psychotherapist)

    1. Hi Rose,
      Yes, you are very close. 🙂 Yes, when we believe what we think we DO automatically feel and act as if what we believe is true … AND when we act the way we do believing what we think, we do, in fact, act in ways that will elicit responses from others that will prove to us that we’re right.

      For instance: If I believe you are irresponsible, I will feel all the feelings that go with that thought, some of those might be that I feel annoyed with you, disapproving, superior, and/or judgmental, and distrustful … and I will act out of those feelings towards you… I might constantly remind you of your responsibilities, refuse to trust you to do your job, assume you won’t take care of things, so ask someone else to do it instead, etc. etc… When I act in those ways from you, what sort of response am I likely to get back from you?

      I can imagine you might feel resentful and undermined, unable to please me, inadequate (I can never get it right with her), inferior (she will never approve) etc…and act accordingly. You might react in a passive-aggressive way by subtly sabotaging my efforts, not showing up (After all it doesn’t matter what you do, it won’t be good enough, so why try?) In other words, you are highly likely to react in ways that will prove to me that my story about you being irresponsible is true!

      This is one small example of how this plays out in relationship with others. Hope it helps. 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, Thanks for your feedback. Of course, EVERYTHING is a story! 🙂 Earth is where we flesh out our stories in 3D form for the purpose of seeing them in concrete action. The question is, not whether it’s a story or not, but what vibrational frequency does the story generate in us. Does it take us to peace, or pain and suffering? I heard Byron Katie speak to this question once; she said, “If I’m having a pleasant dream, no need to wake me – let me enjoy it – BUT if I’m having a nightmare, please, someone, wake me up!” 😉 Blessings,

  4. Further thoughts- “We are One”, “things are mystical”, etc., are just more belief systems, and perhaps, just perhaps, belief systems can be limiting.

  5. I like and agree with your basic premises- they are well stated and clear. This is just my personal bent- I react to the “airy fairy” context with all the mystical “we are one” stuff, and don’t find it helpful. Doesn’t mean either of us are right, I just think you might find a broader audience if you spoke to the pragmatic. But thank you so for addressing the issues you do.

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