Focusing on Abundance …

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I am at peace when I am accepting of where I am in life, and the bounty provided for me every day. It seems that when I'm at home on the mountain, the gardens and nature allow me to more readily soften into an attitude of gratitude and acceptance, rather than to be driven by the ego driving agendas of my city life. I am able to deal with life on it's own terms, as a result , and relax into knowing that things are happening just as they are supposed to, and right on time. Truly nothing else is possible.

There's something else too about being here on this little piece of abundance called “home”; being here is a solid reminder of exactly how generous the Universe is every moment, in everything it does, and to all it creates. How could I ever seriously doubt, or fear, scarcity again?! How is it that I could forget, even for a moment, the prolific expression of energy that life is?

When I look around and see how the Universe is SO giving on every front, I lose all concern for what’s to come. I am instead, filled with the realization that Universal Bounty is always present, never-ending and so totally more than enough that I need never have to worry again about not having enough of anything. In a world of so much bounty why would we ever have to suffer from any form of lack?

There’s only one answer to why it appears as if there is such a thing as scarcity in the world …. It’s because we perceive it as being so and because we believe in it with all our might.

And because the world is prolific in everything … we attract to us a multitude of whatever we are professing as true … If we are professing belief in scarcity, than we will attract an abundance of that to us. Yes, even scarcity abounds!

Just another reminder, to choose conscientiously and carefully that which you focus on … because you're making more of it!

Blessings, Lynne

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