No Such Thing As “Fair”

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Often as children when things aren’t “going our way”, we cried out in distress, “It’s not fair!” Many parents fall for this and get caught up in the attempt to make life fair for their children.

I've come to see that guaranteeing fairness is not only a futile effort, it’s not even reality. There is no such thing as “fair” in the natural world. Think about it. How “fair” is it for the mother bird to push her little ones out of the nest or for a mother dog to kill her sick pup? How “fair” is it that the strong survive while the weak perish? Fairness is not a governing dynamic anywhere in nature. There is no, “he shouldn't have done that to me” or “she should do for me what I did for her ” — not in nature, anyway. The fairness game is simply an ego resisting reality.

There is a Law of Cause and Effect, but fair is not a part of it. The Law of Cause and Effect says there is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is caused by some preceding event … often a preceding thought. Difficulties come about in our lives most often because unconscious beliefs produce a low-frequency that attracts into our life a painful experience of matching frequency. When we truly understand how it works, instead of flipping automatically into victim perspective – “Oh how unfair! How could this happen?!” … we say, “Thank God, that happened, because I can finally see the painful and limiting beliefs that have been running me.” This is how we move from Victim to enlightenment

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