Lessons from a 7 year old on the Nature of Connection to Source Energy

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Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo (back on July 14)

I had an interesting conversation with my 7 year old grandson yesterday in which he expressed a simple, and yet profound, understanding of how we, as humans, are energetically connected to one another and Source. He was explaining to me the how and why behind the idea that we are all part of the same family.

He said, “There is an invisible hollow tube that connects us to each other, and to every other person in the whole world. It is attached right here on our back (and he tapped me lightly on my spine, right between the shoulder blades). It is a hollow tube,” he said, “about this big,” (he held up his hand and showed me the circle he'd made with his thumb and index finger) and we are connected to each other by it. This is how we are all in the same family … we are all connected to each other by that invisible tube.”

He then went on to say, ” … and there is another, a giant tube right in the middle of the world (and he held his arms out as if hugging a barrel too big to get his arms around), that goes up to heaven and every one of us is connected to that tube too, and it connects us to God … and that's how we are all part of God's family.”

His description seemed, to me, to be a complete explanation of how indeed we are connected to one another. It was simple, and yet, profoundly accurate. The level of his understanding astounded me! He had expressed, in 7 year old terms, a concept of energetic connection that has been taught in every language, and in most religions and philosophies, for centuries.

We ARE all connected through an energetic channel to each other and Source.

Perhaps this “tube of connection,” that my grandson described is similar to the “tube” referred to in yoga philosophy, as the “sushumna”; an energetic pathway that extends up our spine from the base to the crown “chakra.” Through the “sushumna” life energy, known as “prana,” flows. In Chinese philosophy, this life energy is known as “qi.” The ancient Chinese called the system of “tubes” in the body that transported “qi” energy, “meridians.” If these energy channels transport energy in the body then why not between bodies as well?

How is it that a 7 year old is already tapped in to such ancient knowledge? Could it be that universal truth is available to us all, simply for the asking? And at our own particular level of understanding? I choose to think so.

We are told, “Seek and the way will be shown.” My grandson's lesson, for me, was a wonderful demonstration of how universal truths are “downloaded” to us from a Source of Wisdom that is ever available to us.

Why not tap into that deeper understanding today?

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