In Gratitude & Thanks ….

Mountain Qi at Forest Haven
Mountain Qi at Forest Haven

We held our first Supreme Science Qigong Foundation Breathing Experience here on the mountain at Forest Haven on Sunday, Nov. 23rd -four days before Thanksgiving. The process of preparing and facilitating this event has provided such an opportunity for gratitude. There have been so many small miracles and shows of abundance and Universal support throughout. I feel tremendously blessed and frankly awed.

It was about 10 days before the event that I awoke in the wee hours totally stressing out about it. What WAS I THINKING?? To plan an outdoor qigong event for the end of November! Was I crazy? Who would come? How could I put my staff and loved ones through all of the preparation it takes to pull such an event off on such iffy grounds?

On and on the internal ranting went.

I was able to bring in some mental levity through the use of Byron Katie's four questions … but it wasn't until my feet hit the floor when getting up finally, that I was able to return to reality …. As soon as I stood up, clarity returned.

I suddenly had the realization that I was not the boss here.

I was simply following orders … and how it turned out was none of my business. The thought came that Source set the date and if Source chooses to send a blizzard that day -what's it to me?

My job was simply to do what I was asked to do … but then I heard (inside my mind) the line that cinched the deal … words that gave me such peace that I was able to completely relax with no further ado about it ….

“This whole operation is for you anyway … it's designed to help you rely more on the Universe for support … to trust Me more ….”

I cannot tell you how that inner realization helped to lift the burden of having to be in charge of how it all turned out. After all I work for the Universal Source – whatever happens will be perfect!

And it was!

The next day, fifteen more people signed up!

I can truthfully say that I've never had a more effortless time of putting together an event. I had wonderful support all round …. and the weather turned out to be perfect! Even the day before would have been too windy and cold! But that Sunday afternoon it was sunny and warm and perfect. We had a big bon fire for further warmth and the group of thirty or more were enthusiastic and sincere in their participation.

The greatest affirmation of Universal support came during the event itself ….

Supreme Science Qigong Event on Monteagle Mt. Nov. 23, 2008
Supreme Science Qigong Event on Monteagle Mt. Nov. 23, 2008

My daughter, one of the work volunteers, was sitting outside the circle, by the fire, during our nine breath healing circle. She reported seeing everything through the haze of the heat from the fire when suddenly, the air cleared and there was complete stillness. She said the haze from the fire disappeared so that she could plainly see the group, seated in a circle holding hands on the pond stage. She reported it was during that sacred moment when we were all releasing a prolonged outbreath of prayer for our country's leaders … It was at that moment, as we sat with our eyes closed in concentration … that she saw coming up from within the group circle a huge column of energy! What she didn't know, this being her first time within the qi energy field, was that we had indeed asked the group to use the visual of our prayers ascending up into one huge column of energy from within our circle!

How wonderfully astonishing that the Universe decided to make our prayer intentions visible to her witnessing eyes! How awesome it is to be in a knowing collaboration with Source!

There are so many daily miracles … may this day be one of noticing those in your own life and truly giving thanks for them all.

Happy Holiday.


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