Fear of Losing God ….

Someone shared the fear that they were losing their belief in God through this process …. Can that happen?, she asked.

I responded … Isn’t “losing God” a story, too?

God cannot be lost … He is Everywhere. He is the One Substance from which we are made … but it is not accurate to say that we are God.

It might be more true to say that we are IN God and He is IN us … but it would not be accurate to ever think that we ARE Him – we are containers for a sacred, over-flowing “drop” of this Source that we call God – merely microscopic in comparison to His Totality.

And yet, it is enough.

Because we are directly linked to this Source of Endless, Eternal, Emanating Life Consciousness that we call “God”. The very breath we breathe is His own exhalation. He in-spires us into being … he fills us with the life breath that animates us. He moves and shapes us according to His Intentions.

No, we cannot lose Him – it is impossible. His is a support that never fades. All we can do is cover Him over with layer upon layer of untruths that disguise and hide His Presence.

Continued tomorrow …. Blessings, Lynne

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