The Universal Laws Applied to Relationship

The Guiding Principles In Relationship

  1. The Law of Mentalism, Cause And Effect: There are no coincidences. We are not brought together by accident or luck. Every encounter has a reason and a purpose.
  2. The Law of Vibration: We are vibrational beings that receive and transmit energy, and we attract to ourselves others of like vibrational frequency for the purpose of reflecting the highs and lows of our own belief systems.
  3. The Law of Polarity: Everything, including relationship, is made up of a set of polarities; moving back and forth between these sets of opposites is what grows and matures us into a more balanced state of being.
  4. The Law of Cycles: Moving consciously through the unhappy cycles we repetitively experience in our relationships helps us to refine and spiritually awaken through one another.
  5. The Law of Reflection: Our partner’s job is to reflect to us the state of our present relationship with ourselves, and Source.
  6. The Law of Transmutation: By making peace with the inevitability of change,  we are slow to personalize or blame others for “changing.” We choose to trust instead that all things come and go right on time, even when it appears otherwise. Rather than make change into a problem, we focus on what it is calling forth from us, and how it  serves the highest and best good for all. 
  7. The Law of Verification: By consciously applying basic guiding principles to all of our relationships, we challenge the heretofore assumptions and beliefs we have held about life, relationship, and ourselves, and begin to find verification instead for a higher spiritual Truth.
  8. The Law of Projection: We create a story about others which we project onto them. We then treat them and interact with them as if our projection of them is true, which prompts them to react towards us in ways that prove us right. In this way we “train” others how to treat us.
  9. The Law of Intention: Whatever we choose to focus on in relationship, positive or negative, expands. What we pay attention to, grows.
  10. The Law of Alignment: Through a daily practice of intentional sharing and empowering of one another, we come to recognize the higher purpose of our relationship with one another as a sacred pathway that is designed to refine us and  bring us Home to ourselves and Source.

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