Guilfoil Ballet Theater – “Ballet on the Lake” ….

Daniel and I hosted a week long summer dance camp for The Guilfoil Ballet Theater last week (which explains why you haven't seen much of me here lately:)). Andrew Guilfoil, the director and founder of GBT is my son. He is a master teacher of ballet and dance, as well as an inspirational artist in his own right. He brought only those students of his who are part of the GBT dance company. These are a truly talented and creative bunch of kids. It was a truly wonderful time spent with these superb young dancers and culminated in an outdoor performance on Saturday night under the stars. Daniel had built an incredible dance stage on our small private lake for the performance and the event was totally magical!

We learned SO much about all kinds of things … including improvements on next years “Ballet on the Lake” (Yes, they plan to be back next year for what we anticipate as an annual event – so why not make plans to be here next summer?!) For instance, I found out how much I love working with kids … there were so many opportunities to see spiritual principles that I teach at work “on the ground”. Simple daily activities brought wonderful opportunities to demonstrate life principles such as; life is always happening “FOR” us, rather than “TO” us … or that it's our perception of a given situation that determines the outcome. I plan to expand on some of these over the next few days ….

There were fourteen kids, ages 11 – 16 who attended the weeklong camp … preparing for the event. I fed them whole food smoothies every morning and served homegrown meals out of the garden for them. It was a wonderful time for everyone – the kids reported that they had a great time, swimming and exploring our surrounding area.

Click here for pictures from Ballet on the Lake

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